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Jewelry with your own text and handwriting

This is amazing! A gold or silver pendant with your own text and handwriting. What a nice idea to give as a gift to your mother or grandmother. Your little girl can already write her own name, or your little tough guy can draw very nicely. That must of course be preserved. With this pendant of silver or gold you can make the most beautiful gift.

Let your little toddler make something beautiful out of it at the place indicated by us and we will be happy to make it into a beautiful personal pendant. Of course you can also put a very suitable text in it for your partner. The largest collection of silver and gold pendants with your own text can be found here at names4ever. We have a wide selection here for a very realistic price.

Pendants with your own text in gold or silver

You definitely need this in your bijoux box! A silver or gold pendant with your own text and the best part of all this is that you can get the pendant in your own handwriting. Come up with a suitable text for your boyfriend or girlfriend and have a beautiful eye-catching pendant made of silver or gold with us.

Maybe you have your own quote? Write it down in the place indicated by us and let us know. We make a tasteful pendant for you from silver or gold. What a beautiful pendant you now have. A pendant with a very personal touch for a very affordable price.

A gold or silver pendant with your own text gift

What a surprise for your lover! Your own made-up text in a pendant. That is really a unique gift. The best thing is that you can have your own handwriting in the silver or gold pendant you have chosen. Tell us what your text or slogan is and we will make a silver or gold pendant specially made by you.

What a beautiful appearance your loved one has with a pendant around his or her neck that you have carefully designed and made. This is a gift that warms every person. You can put a text in it or your own name or maybe the name of mama's beloved children. Of course the children can write their names themselves. That is of course a very unique and personal gift.

Your personal pendant with your own message

Put your own message for your loved ones in this pendant. Has your daughter performed a special achievement and do you want to reward it with a beautiful and precious gift? Then this personal pendant is a very special gift. Are you two best friends and do you want to seal that? Then give each other this super personal pendant.

Everyone comes up with their own friendship text and write it in this trendy pendant. Your friendship can certainly not be broken now. It is also possible that your sister is your best friend. Design it together with your own pendant and let us make it in your own way. Your pendants are unique and very charming.