Charms and bracelets

With our unique name charms, you can wear personalised jewellery every single day. Because with the charms, on which we engrave the name of your choice, it is so easy to make your own charm bracelet or charm necklace using a bracelet or necklace you already have. All our charms come with a fishhook. With the fishhook, it is easy to click the charm onto your own bracelet or necklace or to a bracelet that you order with the charm. Super trendy, a lasting present for someone else, or for yourself!

Huge choice in charms, all of them with an engraved name

Do you like to wear a pretty bracelet with just one charm, or do you prefer a bracelet with loads of charms? It’s completely up to you! We offer a huge selection of pendants and charms on which we engrave the name of your choice – once or multiple times. We’ve got charms on which we engrave the name just once. These charms come in various shapes, such as a circle, heart, star, four-leaf clover, flower, euro sign, sign of Venus, and sign of Mars. Or how about charms that show your favourite animal or pet and your name? We also have charms shaped like a heart, circle, flower, bear’s head, cat’s head, bird and butterfly; there we engrave your name multiple times.

Any combination is possible

No matter what charm you choose, it is always easy to attach to a bracelet or necklace. Every charm fits different bracelets, thanks to the fishhook. This means you can wear your charms on your black bracelet today and on your purple or blue bracelet tomorrow. It’s really handy! No matter what colour combination you are wearing, it is always easy to fasten your personalised charms to the matching bracelet.

A welcome gift for all ages

Our jewellery, such as charms and pendants, makes excellent presents – or buy it just to pamper yourself. Our personalised charms or pendants not only make great presents on someone’s birthday or Mother’s Day, but are also perfect gifts for a new mother on the birth of her baby, to wish someone good luck or to say farewell to a pupil, teacher or colleague. Every mother, grandmother, girlfriend or daughter will be surprised by such a personal gift.

Names on charms

Grandmothers just love to wear the names of their grandchildren on charms, and every mother is proud to wear the names of her children on her bracelet. And your girlfriend or wife will be thrilled to see the name of her sweetheart on the charm. We can do all this for you – and more.

With or without a bracelet

We love to making it easy for you, that’s why we’ve got matching bracelets to make your charm complete. With the fishhook that is found on every charm, it is easy to fasten them to the silver jasseron bracelet length 19 cm) or to a pearl bracelet, one with semiprecious stones or a cat’s-eye bracelet. For children, we have a bracelet in our collection with a length of 16 cm.

On a par with charms you buy from a jeweller

Our name charms are of very high grade sterling silver, the kind you will see at a jeweller’s. So you don’t even need to go out the door for your jeweller-quality pendants, charms, bracelets or necklaces. You simply order your pendant, charm, bracelet or necklace in our online webshop.
Rapid delivery and no shipping charges
Within four working days, we have made your personalised charms and your order leaves our studio. The exact date of delivery depends on the postal service. You will receive your order another 5-8 days later. We do not charge you any shipping costs!
Silver charm of superb quality at a low price
For a very low price, we supply fine quality jewellery, comparable to the quality you will find at a jeweller’s. All our jewellery is beautifully finished and is meant to be shown off! So browse our site and order your silver jewellery today – from us, your specialist in name jewellery!