Charm bracelets

Personalised charm bracelets make an excellent gift for a loved one, family member, or even yourself. With a wide array of charms produced to symbolise voyages, initials, hobbies and interests, memorable occasions and special events, the charm bracelet is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Buy charm bracelets for women for yourself or a loved one, and for every birthday and anniversary or Christmas that follows, a new charm can be given and added to the charm bracelet, until it becomes a unique and special record that commemorates the events of a lifetime.

Classic jewellery - charm bracelets for women and girls

Charm bracelets are classic pieces, and have enjoyed even more popularity recently with whole stores opening dedicated to this enduringly popular piece of jewellery. In gold, silver, or other precious metals, a charm bracelet can be a stunningly expensive and unique piece, or fun, collectable and simple, perfect as a first piece of jewellery for a child. Historically, charm bracelets may have been worn to ward off bad spirits and misfortune. Today they're worn in a more lighthearted and fashion-conscious manner, with charm bracelets becoming personalised over the years as new charms are added to commemorate education, travel, the birth of children, and other major life events.

Who wears charm bracelets?

Did you know that Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets? Or that charm bracelets were worn even in ancient times? During the Roman Empire, it's said that early Christians wore tiny fish symbols on jewellery or clothing to quietly profess their faith. Today, charm bracelets for girls and charm bracelets for women are becoming ever more popular. Some enjoy simple charm bracelets with silver and gold charms attached. Made popular in today's society by exclusive jewellery, charm bracelets are now available in a range of styles and prices, to suit everyone from people with a love of bling to the classy woman who appreciates a fun and quirky piece that goes with everything.

Bracelet charms never go out of style

The current fashion for charm bracelets dictates that we should wear modular jewellery, with new charms being added until the charm bracelet is completed. This is a popular and fun way to appear on-trend with an item that goes with absolutely anything, from evening gowns and strapless dresses to skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Unlike other fashion items which quickly fade, date, and go out of style, a quality piece of jewellery such as a gold or silver charm bracelet remains valuable and desirable for many years to come.

Personalised charm bracelets – adding charms

Today's quality modern charm bracelet is tomorrow's vintage, or a valuable heirloom for daughters and granddaughters. While adult women appreciate the individual touch they can give to their charm bracelets, charm bracelets for girls are also increasingly popular. Giving a younger girl a gift like this lets her feel grown up, while being entirely age-appropriate. This type of present is pretty and special, letting the recipient know that they are appreciated and loved. It can be added to, personalised with initials, and changed over the years. It's quite simply the perfect gift for a child as they can never grow out of it- only add to it with their unique experiences. The cute present you're giving to a young girl today will transform itself over the years as she graduates, travels, celebrates birthdays and perhaps has children of her own, adding a charm every time.