Silver necklace with heart

You can order a silver necklace with heart affordably, easily, and quickly at Names4ever. We have a huge selection of silver necklaces with hearts.

Types of silver necklaces with heart pendants

At Names4ever, you simply select the heart pendant you want first. Then, you can select the silver necklace on the product page. This way, you can choose from a children's necklace (38-42cm), ball chain necklace, gourmet chain necklace, jaseron chain necklace, or a Venetian chain necklace. We have a huge collection of heart pendants. Can't find the silver necklace with heart you're looking for on this page? Then contact customer service and send us a request! We make the heart pendants individually in our own workshop. On this page, we have the following silver necklaces, among others:

  • With heart and name
  • With multiple hearts and names
  • With heart in two parts and three parts
  • With heart and zirconia
  • With heart and fingerprint
  • With heart and photo engraving

Silver necklace with heart and name

When you wear a necklace with a heart and name, you show that you care immensely about someone and that person will be in your heart and memory forever. With a silver heart necklace with a name, you create a tangible memory of a loved one! The most small and delicate silver necklaces with heart and name are the most popular in our webshop. Like these silver engraving plates. These subtle silver heart necklaces are elegant, minimalistic, yet very meaningful!

Are you looking for a silver necklace with heart and the name of an animal? Here, we have special animal pendants. For example, you can have the name of your pet engraved in a heart pendant next to a shape of a dog, cat or horse. You can also find a bar necklace and a name necklace with a heart on this page. Whose name would you engrave on a silver necklace with a heart?

Silver heart necklace in two or three parts

Are you looking for a friendship necklace or a true love necklace? Names4ever also has half heart necklaces in its collection! A silver half heart necklace can of course be engraved with the name of your beloved or BFF! Even if you are far apart, you can show that your heart is not complete without the other! This way you always have a reminder of your loved one close to you! In addition to the silver half heart necklace, we also have a heart necklace that can be split into three parts. This is very suitable for three best friends, but of course also for mothers with one or two children. For example, you can have the name of your son, daughter, and/or partner engraved in the necklace.

Silver necklace with heart and zirconia

Do you want the cutest silver necklace with a heart that exists? Then we recommend you take a look at the heart necklace with zirconia. This heart pendant comes with an adorable zirconia stone that you can get in no fewer than 6 colors. Pink is, for example, fun for a girl and blue for a boy. Of course, you can also have 1 or 2 names engraved here. So if you're looking for a cute silver necklace for women with a heart, Names4ever is the right place!