Silver Charms with Name

With the silver charms with name from Names4ever, you can wear a personal piece of jewelry every day! The silver charms with name are delivered with a carabiner hook. You can hang the silver charm with name on your own bracelet or necklace using the carabiner hook. With the silver charms with name, you can easily make your personal charm bracelet or charm necklace. This is super trendy, completely up-to-date and usable every day! If you're wearing black jewelry today, then hang your silver charm with name on your black bracelet! If you choose purple jewelry tomorrow, then hang your charms with great ease on your purple necklace! Anyone can use silver charms with name, you never have too many and they are also ideal to give as a gift. But a silver charm with name is also great for treating yourself. In addition to the silver charms, we have also included golden charms in the collection. Charms with name are fun for young and old. Welcome to the world of name charms.

Stand out with golden charms with your name and a symbol

Golden charms are popular accessories that are usually worn on a bracelet or necklace. The golden charms are available in many different shapes and sizes. This makes it easy to find one that is perfect for you. Give the charms a personal touch by having them engraved with your name. This way you will be wearing a personal piece of jewelry that is sure to stand out. The golden charms in our online store can be worn by both men and women. The golden charms are made of high-quality gold and are finished with attention to detail. The charms have a beautiful shine that lasts for a long time. You will enjoy these pieces of jewelry for many years to come. Enjoy the many golden charms in our online store. Wearing beautiful golden jewelry instantly uplifts your outfit. Even the simplest clothing looks great when paired with stylish golden jewelry. Wear a bracelet or necklace with charms for casual wear or for formal work attire. A festive dress also looks great with a golden piece of jewelry with your name. Buy such a charm with name for yourself or give it as a gift to a special person. You will always look great with this.

Golden Charms with Name in Many Styles

Tastes differ. That's why our charms are available in various styles. In our collection, you will not only find round charms. There are also beautiful rectangular and oval charms available. A symbol is engraved in the middle of the golden charm. Think of a star, heart, clover, flower, euro sign, circle, female or male sign. Each golden charm is equipped with a carabiner hook, with which you can easily attach it to your necklace or bracelet. Choose the symbol that suits you and make a personal charm of gold by having your name engraved on it. Don't have a charm bracelet or necklace to wear the golden charm? No problem, you can also find these in our online store.

Golden Charms with Name: a Personal Gift

Are you looking for an original gift? Then you are also in the right place here. Golden charms with name are extremely fun to give as a gift. You can give charms on many occasions. For example, surprise someone with golden charms on a birthday, anniversary, or promotion. Or surprise someone special with charms, just to really put them in the spotlight. You can be sure that this gift will be well received by the recipient. If you really want to give a luxurious gift that the recipient can wear immediately, choose a golden charm in combination with a matching necklace.

Symbols and texts on the name charms

The silver name charms are round and have a diameter of 14 mm. A shape is cut out in the middle. The shapes consist of: - circle: a neutral symbol that always fits - heart: shows who you love - star: for anyone who is a star or knows a star - flower: for women who love flowers or who are named Rose or Iris, for example - four-leaf clover: put on the charm who brings you luck or wish a loved one good luck - euro symbol: for those who love money or wish someone a lot of money - female symbol or female sign: show your femininity or express your appreciation for the femininity of your loved one - male symbol or male sign: show your masculinity or express your appreciation for the masculinity of your loved one.

Charm with name, with or without bracelet

If you don't want to be dependent on jewelry you already have, we can supply a special bracelet with the name charms. It is a trendy silver jassaron bracelet with a length of 19 cm. The open links make the bracelet easy to shorten if necessary. The links make the bracelet particularly suitable for attaching the silver name charms with carabiner hooks.

Low Price for a High-Quality Name Pendant

We offer silver name pendants of top-quality at a very low price. All of our name pendants are beautifully finished and are sure to impress! Check out our selection today and order your silver name pendant now! Of course, at Names4ever, the specialist in name jewelry!