Ash pendants

Ashes into jewellery

An ash pendant is one of the most personal and special ways to carry your deceased in your area. In every necklace for ashes is a little space in which the ashes of a deceased can be stowed safely and carefully. If you have opted for an earth burial, you can also choose a lock of hair, a piece of cloth or sand from the grave. In this way, an ash pendant is a jewel with a very large emotional content because it is so personal and confrontational. At the same time, an ash pendant offers a wonderful memory and a way to carry your loved one with you every day.

Ashes into jewellery made of silver or gold

At Names4ever, both silver and gold ash pendants are available. So you'll always find an ash pendant that fits your style and budget . Each pendant is also made of high quality silver or gold. So every silver pendant is made of the highest silver content: 925 sterling silver . Our gold pendants are all made of genuine 14ct gold . This ensures that every necklace for ash isn’t only beautiful, but also very durable.

Some tips to keep your ash pendant nice:

  • Do not wear your ash pendant during intense activities such as exercise and cleaning to avoid scratching.
  • Do not wear your ash pendant in full sun to avoid discoloration.
  • Make sure there is no perfume, hairspray, cleanser or sunscreen on your ash pendant. These agents can cause scratches.
  • Store your ash pendant in a private box to avoid scratches so it will not rub on other jewellery.

Ashes into jewellery of 14 carat gold

Golden locket for ashes to remember a loved one

Are you considering buying a golden locket for ashes to remember a loved one? Do you want to have a pendant in which you can do ashes of a deceased loved one? We like to help you as a web jeweller to choose the right golden necklace for ashes.

In our online collection you will find elegant and unique golden jewellery for ashes in various styles and shapes. With every piece of jewellery you will remember a specific moment or special memory in your own way.

Next to these necklaces for ashes, we also have lockets in which you can put a phote of a loved one. You can open the medallion and then you see this beautiful picture of a loved one.

Golden necklaces for ashes as a tangible memory

With cremation jewellery you keep the memory to a deceased loved one alive. That can be comforting and soothing, because you carry this golden necklace for ashes - filled with for example the ashes of a loved one - always with you. That is what makes the ashes into jewellery so special. Moreover, you can also choose to fill the golden necklace for ashes with ground from the grave where your loved one is buried.

Curious about our collection of ashes into jewellery? Or do you prefer silver necklaces for ashes? Do not hesitate to enter our online jewellery store. We sell memorial jewellery and memorial necklaces executed in various shapes, executions and materials.

Make your choice in the webshop and order today. All of the golden jewellery is of excellent quality, as well as our service. Within 8-10 business days you receive the ashes into jewellery packed in a beautiful gift box.

Diverse collection of ashes into golden jewellery

Of course, we have various matching jewellery in our jewellery store. Because tastes differ. That is why we sell golden memorial jewellery in all kinds of versions. Therefore you have the choice of golden oval pendants, round pendants and heart-shaped pendants. Of course, all these memorial necklaces are also available in silver and suitable for him and her.

Do you want something else than a golden pendant for ashes? We also have photo and fingerprint necklaces in which a photo respectively a fingerprint can be engraved on. A more unique piece of jewellery is almost impossible.

Furthermore, it is possible to complete your golden memorial jewellery with a matching golden necklace. These are available in various lengths. So are you looking for a golden necklace for ashes? In our online jewellery store you can endlessly shop for beautiful golden cremation jewellery.

Ashes into jewellery of 925 Sterling silver

A silver necklace for ashes is a special memorial jewellery

There are many memorial jewellery for sale. Cremation jewellery - like a necklace for ashes - is an example of this. The pendants for ashes at Names4ever are available in various shapes and versions and made from 14 carat gold or 925 Sterling silver.

Best quality 925 Sterling silver

Our jewellery is made of the best quality 925 Sterling silver. That is why our silver pendants for ashes are firm and do not damage quickly. Silver remains a precious metal, so we advise you to polish the silver cremation jewellery every now and then. We also give you the following tips to keep your silver necklace for ashes beautiful and shiny:

Ashes into jewellery with text

Each ash pendant in our assortment can be engraved with name and date. Of course, another text is always possible. The pendants can also be engraved at the top of the back so that the pendant will not immediately attract attention as an ash pendant if you don’t want it. Our Silver and Golden pendants are also available in different shapes and styles , from the heart to round and oval. So you can always remember your loved one in your own way. All our ash pendants can be delivered with or without silver or gold chain.

How do I order an ash pendant?

Your personal ash pendant is easy and safe to order at Names4ever. Choose your favorite pendant and necklace and enter your desired text . We make the pendant for you and engrave it with the utmost care and the latest techniques . You will receive your followers in 10 working days , after which you can fill the ashes of your loved one yourself. All of our jewellery for ashes come in a beautiful jewellery box.

Any questions? Please contact our Customer Service or check out frequently asked questions . Do you have a special request? You can also contact our customer service. We look forward to helping you.

More commemorative jewellery at Names4ever

Does not an ash pendant fit you? No problem: In addition to ashes into jewellery, we also have many other souvenirs in our assortment at Names4ever. Here are a few ways:

  1. Fingerprint engraved ring
  2. Photo pendant
  3. Locket
  4. Fingerprint jewellery
  5. Handwriting jewellery

Experience the convenience of buying golden ashes into jewellery online

Do you want to shop jewellery to commemorate a loved one? But mentally you are not ready for it? Fortunately, you can also search for golden cremation jewellery from home. In our shop we sell all kinds of matching jewellery, both gold and silver. You do not have to rush; take your time. Found something you were looking for in our collection ashes into jewellery? All golden and silver memorial jewellery are usually available in stock. Is't that a nice feeling?

Order your golden necklace for ashes easily and safely online

With a golden or silver necklaces for ashes, your deceased loved one is always close to you. You order the necklace for ashes and other jewellery safely and easily via Names4ever. We have the perfect piece of jewellery for every person.