Gold baby charm ruler

Gold baby charm ruler
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Gold baby charm ruler
£ 150.00
925 Silver
Product information:
Gold baby charm ruler

£ 150.00

How big (or rather small) is your baby?

Want something on which you can engrave the length of your newborn? Then take a look at this beautiful ruler.

The ruler is made from 14k gold and is 6 mm x 18 mm wide. The thickness is 0.4 mm.

In addition to this charm, we also have matching charms such as a bottle, a calendar, a scale and a clock. Everything to complete your baby bracelet.

Want to give it as a gift? That is possible! You will receive the charm in a jewelry box.


  1. Material: 14 Karat Gold
  2. Size ruler: 6 mm x 18 mm
  3. Thickness ruler: 0.4 mm
  4. Engraving: length in cm

Matching Charms:
  • Bottle for the name
  • Calendar for the birth date
  • Clock for the birth time
  • Scale for the birth weight