Gold Family Necklace

A gold family necklace is a marvel that unites a thing of beauty with an awareness of ancestry and family ties. Every gold family necklace is a sumptuous, romantic and valuable object. Thinking beyond the intrinsic value of the precious metal and the glistening allure of gold that has seduced mankind over the ages, a gold family necklace is more precious. It conjures up an aura of esteem and appreciation felt by both the wearer and beholder; it is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime piece of jewellery.

Personalised gold family necklace

A made-to-order personalised gold family necklace immediately assumes a value that goes way beyond the price of the gold and the workmanship. It is unique. That fact alone adds to its market value but, above all, for the family members it is the sentimental value of the piece that is sky-high. The importance of a bespoke design, the family names inscribed and the unique working of the piece adds up to a personalised gold family necklace that is beyond compare!

Gold family tree necklace

Taking the idea of the gold family necklace a step further, to really enhance the sense of family history, a gold family tree necklace can tell the whole story, or at least remind us of where we come from with a few names of our immediate ancestors. Many people are digging into ancestry, looking for roots. When, finally, some results come through, what better way to preserve this information than an inscription on a gold family tree necklace that will stay in the family for generations to come?

Gold family jewellery

Not only gold family necklaces but any type of gold family jewellery can be inscribed and rendered unique and personal. Just the fact of a name, and perhaps a message, inscribed on jewellery, adds interest to the piece and makes it exceptional. On those special occasions when we give presents within the family, what better than gold family jewellery - inscribed watches for the men and gold family necklaces for the ladies. All jewels lend themselves to these special occasions: gold bracelets, dangling earrings, fancy brooches, fine watches and, above all, gold family necklaces.

Gold family pendant

For the younger family members maybe gold family necklaces confer a somewhat formal and overly mature look. A valid alternative for a young girl is an inscribed gold family pendant. This is an item that also pleases the men as there are varying, more masculine, versions of gold family pendants, from bold stylish classic to plain on a chain. A paired gold family necklace and pendant make a nice wedding gift. Anniversaries are occasions that lend themselves to this type of gift; what better than a gold family necklace and pendant for a 50th wedding celebration, the mythical golden wedding anniversary.

Family names necklace

Having family names engraved on gold family necklaces is a way of having a loved one's name always near and, maybe equally important, a way of leaving a record for posterity. Imagine finding a long lost family heirloom that you think is about 200 years old and it maybe belonged to great-great-great-granny, maybe. Fast forward to the future: imagine finding a gold family necklace 200 years from now, with names and dates all indelibly inscribed; this is taking the uncertainties out of family history in no uncertain manner. Family names necklaces are a great way to make the family feel very united, so when it is time for giving presents, any family member will be delighted to receive a gold family necklace with family names inscribed.
Silver family necklace (we sell this as well)
We are not limited to only gold family necklaces, they also come in silver. Like gold, silver is a noble metal that lends itself to fine workmanship, ideal for sophisticated jewellery. The end result is always shining and sumptuous, with that glow that only precious metals manage to impart. Some beautiful effects can be achieved using silver; often it is a case of personal preference. Whether you decide on a gold family necklace, or bracelet or other jewel, or a silver family necklace, you will be wearing fashionable jewellery that, as well as being beautiful, is part of your family history.