Silver signet rings with engraving

A silver signet ring is always a good choice. They are still a classic and are super easy to combine with other jewellery. Our silver signet rings are delicate, chic but also eye-catching. So there is something for everyone! Because our signet rings are engraved, they are also very personal and a truly meaningful piece of jewellery.

Silver signet rings - from family tradition to trend

In the past, signet rings were used to seal letters, so that the letter could not be opened by just anyone and you could not immediately see who the letter was from. Silver signet rings used to be reserved for noble and powerful people. Later, middle-class people could also wear a signet ring with their own family crest. Today, the silver signet ring has become a beautiful accessory that can be combined with many other pieces of jewellery.

Silver signet rings of the highest quality

All our silver signet rings are made of 925 sterling silver. They are engraved with 925. This is a hallmark and is not noticeable on the inside of the ring. This means that our silver signet rings consist of 92.5% pure silver. To understand this better, here is an example: 835 silver cutlery is made of 83.5% silver and 16.5% copper. So the rest is supplemented with copper. This makes the material more solid. In addition, our silver signet rings can be ordered in different sizes. All our silver signet rings are available in sizes from 16 to 19 mm. Our men's sizes even run up to 21 mm.

What can a silver signet ring be engraved with?

Our silver signet rings are not ordinary blank rings. At Names4ever we personalize the signet ring with a beautiful engraving. This can be chosen individually. Do you want to immortalize your loved one with the initials of the two of you or with the name of your partner? Would you like to continue the family tradition and have a signet ring engraved with a family crest? Or perhaps you would like to honour a person you always want to keep close to you with a fingerprint? This is all possible on our silver signet rings.

Our engravings:

  • Silver signet ring with initial
  • Silver signet ring with name
  • Silver signet ring with family crest
  • Silver signet ring with monogram
  • Silver signet ring with fingerprint
  • Silver signet ring with zodiac sign/horoscope
  • How much does a silver signet ring cost?

    If you've always wanted a signet ring, but don't know if it really suits you, you can't go wrong with this silver signet ring. Our silver signet rings start at £62,95. This includes the engraving of your choice, which makes your signet ring even more special. Silver not quite your thing? Take a look at all our gold signet rings.

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