Photo necklace

Engraved photo necklace

You can order your engraved photo necklace fast and easy at Names4ever. First you select the pendant you want, then you can upload the file of your photo and can choose the type of necklace you want. On this page you can find all our silver engraved photo necklaces. Are you looking for a gold necklace? Then take a look at our gold picture necklaces

Photo necklace of 925 Sterling silver

The personalized photo necklaces on this page are made of 925 Sterling silver. This is silver that is made of 92,5% pure silver. This silver is mixed with copper to make the necklace as firm as possible. Silver is a precious metal that can possibly oxidize. You will know if it oxidizes when you will see a dark discolouration of the silver. This is a natural process that is not damageable to your photo necklace if you polish it once in a while. Silver photo jewellery can react to the environment and is a lively product. This is part of the charmof a silver product.

Types of pendants

You can choose from different shapes and kinds of photo pendants on this page:

  • Round
  • Round with an ornate edge
  • Round pendant with tekst engraving
  • Heart shaped
  • Heart shaped with birthstones and tekst engraving
  • Heart shaped with ornate edge
  • Rectangle
  • Rectangle with ornate edge
  • Oval
  • Oval with ornate edge

Next to photo necklaces you can also create your own photo bracelets when you select our personalized photo bracelets

Types of necklaces

After you have selected a pendant, you can select the type of necklace you want. You can choose out of four different types of necklaces:

  • Ball chain
  • Gourmet necklace
  • Rolo chain
  • Venetian necklace

You can choose if you want a childsized necklace (38-42 cm) or an adult (45-50 cm) sized necklace. Of course you can also order your photo necklace, without a necklace.

Which photo necklace is best suited for you?

The pendant and necklace you choose to complete your order, of course depends on your own taste. The rectangle dogtag pendants are a bit more robust than the oval and round ones, making them the best suited photo necklaces for men! The round and oval shaped pendants are more elegant and are more often bought for women.

Do you want a photo necklace with a picture of you and your partner and/or children engraved on it? Then a heart shaped photo necklace could be the one that is best suited for you. The same goes if you want a present for your partner or if you’re looking for a wedding present for another couple.

Do you want an engraved text on your photo necklace? Then this round photonecklace with photo and text may be the one for you! Or do you want the names of the people in your photograph engraved into the necklace? Then this this photo necklace with birthstones .

Do you want to emphasize the cuteness of your children? Then This cute photo necklace with ornate edge and this this one are great options to choose from!

Our website will be continually updated with new models of photo necklaces.

What kind of photo should you engrave?

What kind of photograph do you want engraved in your photo necklace? A photo of you and your partner? Your children? A beloved pet? Of course you can also engrave another photograph or image into your necklace. Maybe a picture of your old motorcycle that became a part of you, the house where you made the best of your memories, or a picture of the spot where you had your first vacation? A lot is possible at Names4ever!

You will get the best result with a picture in which a person or an object is the focal point. The best quality is achieved with a portrait photo that has a size of minimal 700 x 700 pixels. Our design team will make a cut-out of your picture and will make sure that the person(s) or object that’s central in the photo will fit greatly on the photo necklace. If we notice that the photo is not good enough and will not make a great photo engraving, we will contact you and will give you advice to maximize the quality of your personalized photo necklace. For instance we may advice you to send another picture. We will never engrave a photo on a necklace if we’re not 100% sure it will come out looking absolutely beautiful!

Delivery within 6 working days

The production time of a photo necklace can be a little longer than the production time of our other jewellery. The photo engraved jewellery are all made one by one in our workshop. The photo necklaces are given extra attention because we know each photo necklace has a lot of emotional value attached to it. That is why we want to make 100% sure that your custom photo necklace will come out looking utterly stunning. Your photo necklace must always be detailed and clearly visible from every angle. This way you will cherish your piece of photo jewellery forever!

We maintain a maximum delivery time of 6 working days to ensure we have enough time to produce each and every engraved photo necklace of the highest quality. So are you looking for a personalized photo necklace of the best quality? Then Names4ever is the clear choice.