Picture necklace

In a picture necklace you can engrave the picture of your choice. The picture is engraved IN the pendant and is not printed ON the pendant, which a lot of other vendors do. The pictures on the pendants of Names4ever will never fade and will be forever visible. Because of this you can always carry a loved one with you forever.

The picture is engraved with great detail in the pendant and the engraving is darkened with a special technique, so the picture is always clearly visible. The picture necklaces of Names4ever are made with the best quality and you can order them quickly and easily on this page.

Picture necklace of 14 karat gold

The picture necklaces on this page are made of the highest quality 14 karat gold. This means that the picture jewellery is made of an alloy of 58,5% pure gold, mixed with silver and copper. Because our golden photo pendants are made of this alloy, they are unbendable and really hard to break and damage. Are you looking for a picture necklace made of silver? Then take a look at our silver photo necklace page.

First select your golden picture necklace

In which pendant do you want to engrave your picture? Names4ever has a wide range of picture necklaces to choose from. For instance you can choose from round, oval, rectangular and heart shaped picture pendants. But there’s more to choose from! Some of our pendants have a nice ornate edge , birthstones or have room to engrave a text in.

Are you looking for something smaller? Then our picture charms could be the right choice for you! You can make your charm bracelet really unique by adding one or more of these picture charms. Maybe one for each of your children or grandchildren? Very cute!

A necklace with a picture can also be considered memorial jewellery. Other memorial jewellery you can find on this website are fingerprint jewellery and ashes jewellery.

Upload the picture you want

Do you know which picture you want to engrave on the golden pendant? And do you have a digital file of this picture? Then you can upload the picture directly after you have selected your pendant. The best quality can be achieved with a picture that has a minimum of 700 x 700 pixels and on which the person, animal or object are at the centre of the picture. Do you want to pick out a person from a group picture? Or do you have another request? You can write your specific request in the comment section when ordering the necklace.

Personalize your picture necklace

After you have uploaded your picture, you can personalize your picture jewellery with a piece of text and/or add birthstones, depending on the pendant you have selected. In the last step, you can select the necklace you want. You can choose from a ball chain, gourmet necklace, rolo chain or a Ventian necklace.

Are you looking for a different kind of picture pendant? Do you want to personalize our products in a different way? Then we advise you to contact our customer service . Send us your request and we will let you know what the possibilities are.

Shipment within 6 days

Engraving your picture on a gold picture pendant is a process that takes a little longer than a normal name or text engraving. The engraving is precise, detailed and is made darker with a special technique so the picture will always be clearly visible, whatever angle you look at it. It is only logical that the delivery time is a little longer than with our other products. Your picture necklace will be shipped within 6 working days. Names4ever offers you the best quality golden photo pendants combined with the best possible service! Order yours today!