Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

"Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we've touched."

What could be more beautiful than wearing a pendant with the engraved fingerprint of someone dear to you? Silver fingerprint jewellery is a wonderful way to capture the true fingerprint of a loved one. Here at Names4ever, we have a special technique for creating beautiful fingerprint jewellery. And we continuously strive to improve our techniques to deliver better quality.

Celebrate Life and Love

If you are looking for a lasting connection with someone you have lost, a fingerprint piece of jewellery is perfect for you. As a celebration of life, each piece tells a unique story and represents a new beginning. With the closeness of a fingerprint pendant, you will always have your loved one with you.

So many people, so many characters - each with their own personal story and unique piece of jewellery. And time and time again, these people describe a feeling of comfort and peace when wearing a fingerprint piece of jewellery as a memorial. The process of creating a fingerprint piece of jewellery helps with the grieving process and will be a lasting memory of the one you love.

Endless Possibilities

The silver fingerprint jewellery has a distinctive appearance and is crafted with skill and care. The range of silver fingerprint jewellery is large and we have various shapes and sizes. If you don't have a fingerprint, but for example a hand or foot print, that is also possible. Send us your photo of the finger, foot or hand print and we will check if it is usable for a fingerprint piece of jewellery. Wondering how to make a good fingerprint? Quickly read our blog about making a fingerprint.

Quality and Affordable

A fingerprint piece of jewellery takes more time to create and is therefore more expensive than one of our other silver jewellery pieces. Nevertheless, a fingerprint piece of jewellery is still affordable and you get value for your money. Our quality can be compared to the quality of a jeweler. All our silver fingerprint jewellery is made of 925 Sterling silver and comes in a beautiful jewellery box.

Do you have a question about our fingerprint jewellery? Our customer service is always ready to help!