Silver heart bracelets

A silver heart bracelet is something you would like to have on your wrist. They are often small, simple hearts that are therefore very sweet. So do you want to surprise someone or yourself with such a silver heart bracelet? Then quickly view our collection of silver bracelets with hearts.

And in case you are more looking for a gold bracelet with a heart, we can also make you happy. In addition to the silver heart bracelets, we also have gold heart bracelets.

Silver bracelet with heart including engraving

What makes a silver heart bracelet personal is the engraving that you can have made. Whether this is a letter, a word, a name or a short sentence; everything is allowed and possible. So, for example, do you want the name of your mother, grandmother, boyfriend, girlfriend or aunt engraved? Or maybe a certain word that has value for you? Be creative and let your mind run free.

Silver heart bracelet as a gift

Are you looking for an original gift that is personal and unique? Then a sterling silver heart bracelet is a must. Why? Because such a bracelet is suitable for both young girls and adult women. You can also choose from various bracelet lengths, so there is always a size for you.

Which bracelet do you choose? Are you going for a simple silver bracelet with a heart or are you going for a bracelet with some more details? And do you perhaps want a matching heart necklace? Then have a look at this page.

Hearts bracelet of the best quality silver

We understand that if you order a silver bracelet with a heart, you expect a bracelet with a good quality of silver. That is why we make all our silver hearts bracelets exclusively from 925 Sterling silver. This material consists of 92.5% silver; the rest is supplemented with copper. This makes the silver stronger. Pure silver is too soft for a piece of jewelry.

Sterling silver heart bracelet easy to order online

Ordering a sterling silver heart bracelet is simple and safe via our web shop. Choose the desired bracelet, engraving, bracelet length and payment method. You will receive the silver heart bracelet in a beautiful jewelry box, so you can directly give it as a gift.

In addition to our silver bracelets with hearts, we naturally have many more bracelets. Curious about our other bracelets? View our page with bracelets.