Gold heart bracelets

What could be better than a gold heart bracelet on your wrist? Not much, right? That's why we have an extensive collection of gold heart bracelets for you from Names4ever. So there is always a heart bracelet of gold that you like.

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Personalized gold heart bracelet

A gold heart bracelet from Names4ever is not just a gold bracelet. It is an original and unique piece of jewelry that nobody else has. Your golden heart bracelet will be engraved with your own engraving.

Choose the bracelet that you like and make it personal with an engraving of your choice. Do you want one or more names on it? Or maybe a date? Or maybe you have a certain word or short sentence that means a lot to you? Whatever it may be, it will become your own personalized and special bracelet.

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Gold heart bracelet of 14 carat gold

When you order a heart of gold bracelet, you naturally want the best quality gold. That is why our gold bracelets all consist of 14 carat gold; this is the Dutch gold standard.

In the bracelets you can also find the hallmark 585. This means that the bracelet consists of 58.5% pure gold. Pure gold - 99.99% - is too soft and therefore flexible to make jewelry from. By adding other metals, the gold is hardened, making it easier to work with and therefore suitable for making, for example, gold hearts bracelets.

Heart of gold bracelet as a gift

Whether you want to buy a gold heart bracelet for yourself or for someone else; everything is possible. Such a bracelet is suitable for both young girls and adult women. So are you still looking for a beautiful gift for your girlfriend? Aunt? Grandmother? Mother? Then have a look at this page and find the perfect gift.

Do you want to give yourself a present? Then don't hesitate and make yourself happy with an unique and personal gold bracelet with a heart.

Personal and unique is designing your own gold bracelet. Curious? Then take a look at the page where you can design your own jewelry.

Delivery of a gold bracelet with a heart

You can opt for normal shipping (10-12 business days; free) and expedited shipping (5-6 business days; £4.95). Whatever you choose, you will always receive your gold heart bracelet in a beautiful jewelry box. This means that it could be given directly to someone as a gift. You will receive both a confirmation of your order and an email if your bracelet is sent.