Silver Zirconia Pendant

If you're looking for a classic and simple gift, try a silver zirconia pendant. Silver zirconia pendants have all the look and feel of diamonds in jewellery, without the huge expense. Let the precious metal set off your gleaming silver zirconia pendant- a perfect birthday or anniversary gift.

Silver zirconia necklaces

Silver zirconia necklaces are a luxurious gift. Did you know that silver is the most reflective metal on earth? This precious metal is sometimes in gold's shadow, but many prefer it due to its more subtle charms. Historically, silversmiths and goldsmiths have worked together, training in and becoming members of the same guild. Unlike blacksmiths, silversmiths don't work with the metal when it's red hot, but when it's room temperature- a practice which requires a great deal of skill. The silver zirconia pendant marry silver's rich tradition with something modern and beautiful- a zirconia stone that's clearer than diamonds.

Why zirconia?

A silver zirconia pendant has one major advantage over diamonds: while zirconia occurs naturally in the earth, all the zirconia used in jewellery making today is synthesised in a lab. The method was perfected by Soviet scientists in Moscow during the Cold War, and the silver zirconia pendant has seen a massive rise in popularity ever since. A main advantage of this process is that the zirconia produced is of high and consistent quality (many mined diamonds are low-grade and poor quality). Our silver zirconia pendant jewellery use zirconia stones which are as clear as the highest-graded diamonds. Most zirconia produced is clear in colour, but it's also possible to tint the stones with metals and minerals to create a rainbow of colours. A silver zirconia pendant therefore a versatile and beautiful product, and can be found to suit just about anybody.

Who Wears A Silver Zirconia Pendant?

Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's once proffered the opinion that diamonds on women under 40 are "tacky". That's definitely not the case with silver zirconia pendants: while they add spark and glamour to a more mature lady's ensemble, silver cubic zirconia flatters women of any age. A silver cubic zirconia necklace makes a great "grown up" gift for a teen heading to her first formal dance or school prom, but equally silver zirconia pendants suit women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. This is due to a silver zirconia pendant's classic and timeless appearance: the necklaces look as good today as they will in years to come, and won't date or fade with changing fashions. Silver zirconia pendants flatter the complexions and colouring of almost everyone, be your skin tone dark and lovely or pale and interesting.

How Do You Wear Your Silver Zirconia Pendant?

Silver zirconia pendants go with a range of outfits and looks. Your silver zirconia pendant will look classy with workwear at the office, adding a little pizzazz to an otherwise conservative outfit. Silver cubic zirconia pendants make eveningwear pop, looking amazing on bare shoulders. They add class and glamour to every ensemble without ever looking too flashy or showy: less footballer's wife and more classic Hollywood beauty. Wear a silver zirconia pendant at brunch with friends, at a formal family gathering (such as a wedding or christening), or to dress up a basic skinny-jeans-and-hoodie outfit. Whether for yourself or for a loved one, a silver zirconia pendant is a quality piece of jewellery which will last for years and is good and durable enough to be worn every day. Give as a gift at any special event, or just to show that you care. Silver zirconia pendants are an enduring and popular classic, but for those who have a taste for luxe and prefer gold to silver, you can be satisfied with our gold zirconia pendants, which are also available.