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Stainless Steel Rings with Text

The stainless steel rings from Names4ever are a real eye-catcher! We engrave personal texts such as name, date or other text on the outside of our stainless steel rings. This makes our stainless steel rings a special personalized stainless steel jewelry.   There is a choice of two types of stainless steel rings, namely standard stainless steel rings and with a scratch-resistant black coating. The standard stainless steel rings are engraved deeper than the black coated stainless steel rings, only the black surface is engraved on these, resulting in the engraved text having a silverish contrast with the black coating. Both types of stainless steel rings are available in 3 widths; 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. We engrave the stainless steel rings with a text of your choice. This can be your name, the name of your children or partner, an important date or a meaningful statement such as a life motto! You can view our sample texts for inspiration, perhaps there is something for you here. Of course, the most fun is inventing a text yourself. Our durable stainless steel rings with text are mega trendy! They are unique stainless steel jewelry, very suitable as friendship rings, but also as a personal gift for someone dear to you or of course just for yourself! Would you rather wear silver jewelry? No problem, we also have a collection of silver rings!

Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

Looking for a personal and affordable stainless steel wedding ring or stainless steel engagement ring? Our durable stainless steel rings are engraved with a text of your choice. What words describe your commitment, what date is special? With a stainless steel text ring from Names4ever, you seal the most beautiful day of your life!

Stainless Steel Friendship Rings

Stainless steel friendship rings are very popular. Our stainless steel friendship rings are scratch-resistant and durable and therefore very suitable for daily wear. We engrave the stainless steel friendship rings on the outside with a name, date or other text!

Stainless Steel Men's Ring

Steel rings are very popular as men's jewelry. Our robust stainless steel rings come in various sizes; 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. If you're looking for men's rings made of steel, you're in the right place at Names4ever. We supply our stainless steel men's rings in two models; namely standard stainless steel men's rings and men's rings made of steel with a black coating. A stainless steel men's ring with personal engraving is a perfect gift as a stainless steel ring for a partner, brother or father. Surprise your best friend with a stylish stainless steel men's ring with a personal message!

Stainless Steel Women's Ring

Looking for a stainless steel women's ring? Names4ever has various models of stainless steel rings. The stainless steel women's rings can be engraved with a personal message. By choosing one of our 6 typefaces, a basic stainless steel women's ring becomes a rugged women's ring, playful women's ring, or a classic women's ring. Our stainless steel women's rings are stylish and durable.

Special Stainless Steel Gifts

For a personal gift for your best friend, partner, BFF (Best Friend Forever), loving mother, or successful brother, Names4ever has the perfect gift. Or treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry! Choose a stainless steel ring from Names4ever with engraving on the outside, a special lasting and personal gift!

Many Possibilities

Names4ever creates a special, beautiful stainless steel ring with the name or message of your choice on the outside for you. You can choose from a standard stainless steel or a stainless steel ring with a black coating that is 4, 6 or 8 millimeters wide. Not only the text or name, but also the typeface you decide yourself; there are plenty available at Names4ever. These name rings are real eye-catchers; they are a feast for the eyes, whether you choose a sample text, your own text, or a name as an engraving. Order the stainless steel rings today!

Low Price for a Super Quality

For a special low price, we deliver name jewelry of the best quality. All our jewelry is beautifully finished and can be seen! Look quickly and order today a ring with custom text! Of course at Names4ever, the specialist in name jewelry and name necklaces!