Monogram and Initial Necklace - Personalise Yours Now!

Every woman loves monogram and initial necklaces. Nothing is more intimate and precious than the gift of a monogram and initial necklace from a loved one. It speaks of admiration and affection and remains a lasting reminder of just how special she is. Individual letters spell out the wearer’s unique and precious identity.

Silver initial necklace

There are many different varieties of monogram and initial necklaces to choose from. The silver initial necklace has sleek contours and a delicate sheen. There is also an attractive silver monogram necklace in which several letters are intricately combined into an artistic whole. The same options are available in gold. The gold initial necklace is a classic choice: a simple and elegant necklace which is suitable for formal and informal wear. A gold monogram necklace is even more decorative and ideal for special occasions. You will never tire of wearing monogram and initial necklaces made from either of these precious metals.

Choose monogram and initial necklaces for your daughters, bridesmaids and friends

Silver monogram and initial necklaces make perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings and Christmas. Siblings often enjoy their family resemblance and a gold or silver monogram necklace solves the problem of finding a unique and tailored gift for each one. If you require more than one gift, for example for twins, cousins, nieces or bridesmaids, or for a special group of friends, then monogram and initial necklaces could make your task of choosing exactly the right item for each person very easy indeed. These initial necklaces in silver or in gold will be similar in the overall design, but at the same time each monogram and initial necklace will be unique in the detail, as it incorporates the letters that are particular to the name of each recipient. You won't have to worry about finding gifts of equal value for different individuals!

Up to date designs to suit modern tastes

Monogram and initial necklaces have a very long history but this does not mean that they are out of fashion in our hi-tech world. We have a variety of different fonts and several designs, all of which reflect the variety of styles that appeal to contemporary wearers. Initial necklaces in silver reflect a minimalist approach whereas the more complex design of monogram necklaces in silver add an elaborate Gothic touch. Monogram and initial necklaces in gold have a timeless appeal that suits all ages and all occasions.

The hidden power of monogram and initial necklaces

Some monogram and initial necklaces carry a secret message for the wearer. Using the initial letter of a special word, or the first letter of an especially meaningful phrase, cryptic messages can be encoded into monogram and initial necklaces in gold or in silver. No-one will ever know the mystery in your monogram and initial necklace: is it the name of someone special? a band? a secret society? Your monogram and initial necklace holds the key and only you have the power to reveal what it really means.