Personalised cat bracelet British shorthair gold

Personalised cat bracelet British shorthair gold
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Personalised cat bracelet British shorthair gold
£ 579.00
925 Silver
Product information:
Personalised cat bracelet British shorthair gold

£ 579.00


Our cat braceletis a beautiful piece of jewellery with name engraving. Engrave your cat’s name and carry it with you at all times. The British shorthair is a sturdy cat and is considered one of the oldest cat breeds. It was first introduced to Great Britain by the Romans and is thought to share common ancestry with native wild cats of Britain. They are big, muscly cats with a relatively short, thick tail. They have small ears compared to other cats, big round eyes and the males especially have round cheeks. The British shorthair is often calm and introverted. They’re generally not lapcats, but they do love to be close to you. For example, beside you on the couch or beside your chair!

You can order this pendant in 4 different shapes: Heart, round, oval and square.

Do you want to give this pendant as a gift? No problem! You will receive it in a beautiful jewelry box.

Material 14 carat gold
Size Heart: 20 x 20 mm
Round: 17 x 17 mm
Oval: 14 x 19 mm
Square: 20 x 14,5 mm
Engraving 12 characters
Length 17 - 20 cm


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*Note: Because this jewellery is made especially for you, it cannot be exchanged or returned.