Golden round zodiac pendant Scorpion

Golden round zodiac pendant Scorpion
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Golden round zodiac pendant Scorpion
£ 275,95
925 Silver
Product information:
Golden round zodiac pendant Scorpion

£  275,95

This golden round pendant has a Scorpion zodiac sign engraved on it. A Scorpion is determined, emotional, goal-oriented and charismatic. He or she has a lot of self-discipline and knows what characteristics he can use for what purposes.

For someone who is born between 23 October and 22 November this is a great pendant to wear. Especially, because there is room for a name or date. The name or date of the one with this zodiac sign of course! And with room up to 12 signs, almost every name is possible!

The pendant is made of the highest quality 14 carat gold, so it will stay beautiful for a very long time. The pendant has a diameter of 23 mm and a thickness of 0,4 mm. A matching golden necklace can be ordered with it.


  1. Material: 14 carat gold
  2. Diameter: 23 mm
  3. Thickness: 0,4 mm
  4. Engraving: 12 characters