Couples rings: a special ring for the two of you

A couples ring is a ring that symbolizes the special bond between you and your partner. The rings are also known as friendship rings. The rings confirm that special relation two persons share, a love relation or a good friendship. Names4ever has a large collection couples rings of silver, silver with cubic zirconia and stainless steel. From each material we have a wide range of models to choose from. The silver rings are made of high quality 925 sterling silver (real silver), the steel rings are made of stainless steel. The rings are available in several widths, like 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5 or 7 mm, and in all standard sizes. A couples ring is usually given as a gift. Who will you surprise with such a lovely ring?

Show the love with a set of couples rings

A couples ring is perfect to give to each other before you get engaged. You are in love, but not ready to get married. So an engagement ring or wedding ring is out of the question! A set of couples rings can be the perfect solution. You can give each other a ring and this way confirm your love relation without committing yourself with vows! In the rings your names can be engraved with for example the date you two got together. A lovely way to underline your love! With a couples ring you always have your loved one close by. Even if he or she isn’t there, by wearing the ring you carry a piece if each other. What a nice thing it is to have something that connects the two of you, even if you can’t always be together.

A ring for friendship

Emphasize your special friendship with your Best Friends Forever or loved one by wearing these beautiful friendship rings. Have you two been friends for a long time and is it about time to celebrate this friendship? Our rings are available in a set or separately. You can always choose the ring you like! How big a surprise will it be if you surprise your BFF with a ring that symbolizes your friendship? A more suitable gift is almost unimaginable! It certainly will be a gift that you both will remember forever.

The classic and the modern type

The couples rings used to be kind of classic. A lot of rounded models and some couples rings had sharp facets. All those rings were put in a large transparent container with different models and different ring sizes. The jeweler could also engrave the names of the couple or a date in the couples rings. Nowadays those rings still exist, but the demand for trendy couples rings in silver and steel has increased. The known couples rings brands have remained behind in their designs instead of answering this demand. Because personal jewellery ( like name necklaces, engraved necklaces, etc) has been playing an important role in fashion these days, the demand of rings with text has also grown. Not only love couples but also Best Friends want to have a piece of jewellery with each other’s name and show it!

Your names in an engraved ring

The workshop Names4ever specializes in engraving rings. In all our rings our goldsmiths can engrave names and a date. You can choose if you want the ring engraved or not. Do you have a special request? Feel free to ask, our designers and goldsmiths are happy to make the perfect piece of jewellery for you. Engravings are made by hand by our goldsmiths. For craftsmanship stands for class, durability and quality.

Quick delivery and good service

After you have placed your order the chosen couples rings will first be customized to the right size. All our couples rings are solid and made from 1st grade 925 sterling silver. Real jewelers quality. Next, we customize the silver couples rings with the correct text engraving. After this the rings will be polished and finally put in a lovely giftpackage. Usually it takes 3 days to get the item ready for shipment. We don’t charge shipment costs! Names4ever specializes in personalized jewelry. Because of our years of experience we are experts in the field of jewelry and engravings. We guarantee free delivery and good service. Are you more interested in golden jewellery to show your friendship? Please check out our friendship necklaces. We have friendship necklaces in gold, but of course also in silver. When you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customerservice! We’ll be glad to help out!