Character examples

Are you interested in a ring or name necklace? But do you first want to know how all the characters will look when used in the name necklace or the ring? Then take a look at all our character examples! You can find all of the character examples for our name necklaces and rings below.

Character Examples for Name Necklace

Models Ashley and Sophie
Models Charlotte and Simone
Model Double Name Christel and Stefan
Model Double Name Kimberly and Casper
Model Double Name Patricia and Raymon
Model Esmee
Model Initials with Heart
Models Lisette and Fabiƫnne
Models Nadine and Anouk
Model Naomi
Model Selina

Character exampels for Rings

Typewriter font
Kirsten font
Palazzo font
Stencil font
Digital font
Viva-Font font