Affiliate partner of Names4ever

At Names4ever we believe in the in the saying "many hands make light work". At the moment Names4ever is growing fast because we are expending our markets to the most important countries of Europe and continiously are introducing new products. But we know that our ambitions can't be reached alone. Therefore we try to collaborate with the people who want to help us with our mission.

How can you become an affiliate

Are you a large affiliate and are you interested to include the jewellery of Names4ever in your collection? Don't hesitate and contact us!

Cookie terms

The affiliate program of Names4ever has a cookie-time of 1 day. If we get a visitor after being redirected from your website within the day, and you delivered the last third-party cookie, then you will receive a percentage of the turnover of that consumer. Please contact us for more information on the commissions.


Do you want more information about our affiliate program? Don't hesitate and contact us. E-mail: