Zodiac Pendants

A zodiac pendant is a special type of jewellery that features one of the signs of the zodiac. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, which represent the time of the year when a person was born. Each of these signs is believed to have special characteristics such as strength, loyalty and compassion and many people believe that their own personality is strongly influenced by the sign of the zodiac that they were born under. Although zodiac necklaces have been around for centuries, zodiac pendants have become very popular in recent years.

When Can Zodiac Pendants Be Given?

Because zodiac pendants represent the month when a person was born, these zodiac pendants are usually given to someone on their birthday. Zodiac pendants can be given on any birthday to make the occasion truly special and this is one type of jewellery that is suitable for both men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. Zodiac pendants are often worn by people who want to embrace and draw power from the characteristics of their zodiac sign, while zodiac pendants are also worn by people who want to show their belief in astronomy and spirituality.

Who Gives Zodiac Pendants?

Zodiac pendants are usually given by a family member such as a parent or a grandparent to celebrate their special connection to the wearer. However, just about anyone can give zodiac pendants and this is a great way to mark a special friendship.

Different Types of Zodiac Pendants

Zodiac pendants are usually made from silver or gold and are attached to a zodiac necklace. Each of the signs of the zodiac is represented by a special symbol and these symbols are usually recreated in zodiac pendants. However, the signs of the zodiac can be represented in a number of interesting ways and in addition to the traditional designs, a number of modern zodiac designs have emerged in recent years that can also be made into zodiac pendants. In some cases, people choose to wear all twelve zodiac pendants on their zodiac sign necklace to create a striking effect. These zodiac pendants can be worn on a special charm bracelet to represent balance and harmony with all of the star signs.

Popular Zodiac Jewellery Designs

There are a number of different styles of zodiac pendants. Many zodiac pendants are round and feature a certain zodiac symbol represented within a circular design, while oblong zodiac pendant designs have also become popular in recent years. In addition to being made from gold or silver, some zodiac pendants are adorn with gems, especially the birthstone of the wearer.

Customising Your Zodiac Pendants

In order to make zodiac pendants even more special as a gift for a loved one, these zodiac pendants can be engraved with the name of the person they will be given to. This makes zodiac pendants a truly unique item that is sure to be treasured by anyone who wears them. Because zodiac pendants are associated with the month and year when a person was born, some people also choose to have these pendants engraved with the wearer’s date of birth.