Zirconia Pendants

Whether you are after a gift for yourself, a family member, friend or loved one, a Names4Ever zirconia pendant is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. With a choice of designs available, all produced to our high standards, our zirconia pendants are sure to be a lasting and cherished item. As well as being an alternative to diamond, cubic zirconia is tough and durable (harder than most semi-precious natural gems), as it is stunningly beautiful; as a synthetic gemstone, cubic zirconia is flawless, pure and can be tinted with a variety of colours. This allows jewellers to create striking designs. When used to make cubic zirconia pendants, the gemstone attracts the eye. Zirconia has virtually the same appearance as diamond, but at a fraction of the cost, meaning you can still give them a present of a cubic zirconia pendant that they will really appreciate, without the cost of it hitting you in the pocket!

Silver Zirconia Pendants

We here at Names4Ever love working with silver. We don’t see it as a cheap material, and we can create fabulous and enduring designs from it. Our silver zirconia pendants are just that, and we take care over the production of each one to ensure each of our zirconia pendants are produced to our own high standards of quality. We have heart shaped, teardrop shaped and oval shaped pendants available; each lovingly engraved with your chosen one’s name. A cubic zirconia heart pendant is perfect as a gift for a loved one, mother or daughter, and is available with a plain or lace design, though our teardrop and oval zirconia pendants can also make that statement you want to make, and give a lasting impression. All shapes are available with a plain or laced design.

Gold Zirconia Pendants

We are passionate about gold jewellery, as humanity has been for millennia. As one of the least reactive chemical elements, gold is long lasting and is perfect for getting that message across that you cherish the relationship you have with the one you care about, a family member, friend or partner. Nothing much else says you value them as saying it with gold does. Our gold zirconia pendants are sure to achieve that, as each pendant is crafted to our high standards and personalised with your chosen name, to ensure you receive a gift you can give them, that they will cherish forever. Our gold zirconia pendants are also great to make that romantic gesture you have always wanted to make, as well as showing you love them, you’ll tell them you want that love to last for all time. The gold zirconia pendants we have are available with a choice of plain or laced designs.

Personalised circular zirconia pendants

We have a range of circular zirconia pendants available in silver, set with zirconias around the rim, and are a fashionable item for both young and old. Rather than being cheap “bling”, each of these personalised zirconia pendants are precision crafted, and hand finished and built to last. Our personalised zirconia pendants are available in a range of funky and striking designs – angel, devil, love, sun, star, sweet 16 or wild thing, and we can add your chosen name and/or message as desired.

With a wide range of high quality zirconia pendants available, at competitive prices, our range of zirconia pendants is able to suit every occasion. Select one of the categories above to view our full range of zirconia pendants.