Sports pendants - The perfect personalized gifts

Sports pendants are a unique and creative way to add a personal touch to a present for someone you care about. The gift of personalised jewellery shows a deep level of knowledge about the person receiving the gift, and silver sports pendants are timeless gifts of friendship, affection and love. The perfect gift for a friend, loved one or a child can be given as part of a special celebration or just because you want to spread some cheer.

Why sports pendants are unique

Sport plays a central role in the lives of many individuals. The teams that people choose to follow are often chosen in childhood and remain constant through their lives. While people may change their style, the decor in their home and even the brand of car they drive, supporting a specific sports team is usually for life. Sports pendants can be engraved with the receivers name or the name of their favourite team or even of their favourite sports star. One of the unique aspects of this piece of jewellery is the number of ways that it can be made personal and meaningful to both the giver and the receiver. Sports pendants are not just the ideal gifts for those who watch sports; they are the ideal presents for those who take part in sports as well. If you have a friend or family member who is a keen soccer or ice hockey player, a sports pendant that reflects their sport of choice makes for the perfect gift.

Giving a sport-related gift

There are a plethora of items that you can buy for the avid sports fan or up and coming sports star. But, scarves, jerseys and replica kits go out of fashion each season. Children tend to grow out of clothes that include team insignia, and there are only certain people in your life who will appreciate teddy bears in their team’s colours.

Sports pendants provide the perfect alternative. Silver sports pendants can be worn at any time and does not fade or fall apart with wear or age. It can just as easily be worn by your best friend as it can by your mother-in-law. If silver is not the receiver's metal of choice, you can choose a gold sport pendant instead.

Personalizing your sports pendants

There is adequate space on the sports pendants for you to add that additional personal touch. It could be as simple as adding the name of the team the receiver follows, their name, or even their date of birth. Adding a date of birth makes the sports pendants the perfect gifts to celebrate the birth of a child. If the sports pendants are gifts for friends or family members who are active athletes, you could consider adding the date they started to play for their team. Alternatively you could add the receivers' numbers or positions within their teams. As a team manager, you could reward your team by presenting them with sports pendants that are personalised with their team numbers.

The beauty of sports pendants

Sports pendants are carefully crafted to provide you with the best possible quality. Only high-quality metal is used in the creation of the sports pendants to give them the perfect shine and finish. The sports cut-outs are expertly done with great care and attention to detail. The same attention to detail is found in the engraving. To provide you with a truly unique and individual piece the engraving can be added in a wide range of styles, positions, and sizes. The simple ring attached at the top of the sports pendants allows you to choose, and easily attach, your chain of choice. It can even be added to other existing pendants or charms on a single chain. However, regardless of how it is worn, you can be sure that a silver sports pendant is a gift that will keep you and the receiver smiling for a long time to come.