Silver zodiac charms - personalise your charm of choice

Silver zodiac charms are an elegant addition to any charm bracelet or necklace. Easily added to existing pieces of jewellery, silver zodiac charms can make your look complete. Ageless and timeless, these silver zodiac charms are tokens of love, affection and friendship that can have meaning beyond mere words. These beautiful zodiac charms are ideal as gifts for special occasions or just because you want someone to know how special they are to you.

Why silver zodiac charms are unique

The signs of the zodiac were initially used to map the stars and the heavens. Since the earliest points in history, civilisations have believed that by understanding the heavens, they could understand themselves and even predict their futures. This knowledge has continued to develop and has become widely understood as astrology. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac relates to a different being, each thought to embody unique characteristics.

Buying unique silver zodiac charms, engraved with the recipients' signs of the zodiac shows that you have taken the time and effort to remember their birth. Your care and attention to detail is reflected in the care that is taken in the creation of the silver zodiac charms and, particularly, in the design of the stylised zodiac engravings on them.

The gift of the Chinese zodiac

The Greek or Roman zodiac is not the only one that can be incorporated into a beautiful charm bracelet. The symbols connected to the Chinese zodiac also make mesmerising silver zodiac charms for bracelets or silver zodiac sign pendants, worn on necklaces. The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 different animals, and individuals' signs are determined by their year of birth. Choosing silver zodiac charms with Chinese symbols again shows knowledge of the person receiving the present.

Personalising your silver zodiac charms

Names are how we identify ourselves to others and how other people signal that they are addressing us. Names make as unique individuals that are more than the roles we fulfil during our lifetimes. Any piece of jewellery can be made more significant, to both the givers and the receivers, by the addition of the receiver's name. When this is combined with their zodiac signs on carefully crafted silver zodiac charms, you have a singular and memorable gift. Instead of the receiver's name, the silver zodiac charms can also be engraved with the giver's name. Imagine the look on a grandmother's face when presented with a silver zodiac charm containing her zodiac sign and the name of her first grandchild. This makes silver zodiac charms or silver star sign charms the perfect gifts to commemorate a special day or event.

Giving a beautiful gift

Each one of the carefully crafted silver zodiac charms is fitted with a fish hook catch. This means that it can be easily added or removed from a bracelet or necklace. It also means that the personalised silver zodiac charms are not limited to a particular type of bracelet or necklace that they can be attached to. You can wear them on a traditional chain, a leather thong or even a coloured ribbon. You could also choose to place the charm on a key ring or purse. The silver zodiac charms can be worn as one of the many or as standalone pieces. And if silver is not the metal for you or the person who will receive the charm, consider gold zodiac charms instead. These provide the same level of distinctness and beauty as their silver counterparts.

Whether you choose gold or silver zodiac charms, it will be a present that will last a lifetime, and there is no time like the present to find the right one for your loved one.