Silver zirconia pendant: engraved names and dazzling gemstones

A silver zirconia pendant is a beautiful piece of sparkling jewellery that can be worn at all times. Silver zirconia pendants shine, reflect and sparkle, very much as diamonds do. Silver zirconia pendants, although equally pretty and shiny to behold, do not have the same value as diamonds, zirconias being synthetic gemstones. Like diamonds, they are durable, they reflect the light, they are extremely bright and joyous and there is the added advantage that they can be created in many glowing colours. Popular silver zirconia pendants have a classic oval shape, an engraved name and a smaller oval cut-out around a dangling white, blue or purple gemstone. Another interesting shape is the raindrop with a raindrop cut-out; here you can choose between blue, purple and pink dangling gemstones. The silver zirconia pendants in rain-drop shapes are with plain or scalloped edges; the lacy scalloped version also comes with a white gemstone, almost a diamond! The diamond effect is very evident in silver zirconia pendants: they sparkle beautifully!

Silver zircon pendant - Choose your favorite color

We propose some lovely delicate silver zirconia pendants, all lacy-edged around an oval shape, with space for that special engraved name and a pretty pink or blue gem in the centre; perfect for welcoming a newcomer to the family! Mothers love these dainty silver zirconia pendants! Silver zirconia pendants are often referred to as silver zircon pendants. Certainly, 'silver zircon pendant' is slightly shorter and easier to remember. In reality, zircon jewellery falls short of the glittering dazzle of silver zirconia pendants: zircon is actually a mineral, a crystal gemstone used for jewellery that lacks the lustre and joyfulness of zirconia. Many confuse these two almost identical names, but a request for a silver zircon pendant is fully interchangeable with one for silver zirconia pendants. What's in a name? Glistening silver zirconia pendants sparkle lustily whatever you call them!

Silver cubic zirconia pendant - romantic

The dictionary defines cubic zirconia as an 'artificial crystal resembling a diamond'. This resemblance is what makes a silver cubic zirconia pendant so dazzling! A silver cubic zirconia pendant is a lovely piece of jewellery and silver zirconia pendants are well suited for special occasion gifts and especially for sweethearts. An engraved silver cubic zirconia pendant is your accomplice in romance! Silver zirconia pendants in the shape of a heart with fancy scalloped edging, a shining gemstone and the two sweethearts' names engraved are pure romance. Choose your romantic lacy-edged heart-shaped silver zirconia pendants with blue, pink, purple or white stones in the middle. The most intriguingly dramatic is the silver heart with a black stone in the centre and the most dreamily romantic is the red gemstone: it is deep red and has the form of a blooming rose.

Silver cubic zirconia pendants: spiritual gifts

If you are wondering what is cubic about silver cubic zirconia pendants, rest assured, it does not mean that silver cubic zirconia pendants have only one shape! The pendants actually come in various shapes, such as oval or rectangular, and the sparkling zirconia itself is usually round. Cubic refers to the structure of the gemstone: it has an isometric, or cubic, structure, just like a diamond. Silver cubic zirconia pendants make lovely gifts, particularly our spiritual range. These rectangular silver zirconia pendants are delicately engraved nameplates, with a coloured zirconia dangling prettily below and a spiritual symbol above the name. The spiritual symbols bestow blessings and include the Chinese Shou character symbolising a blessed life, the all-seeing eye of Horus, the peaceful lotus flower and the Om, a sacred Hindu syllable.

Gold zirconia pendant (we sell this as well)

Most of our collection of silver zirconia pendants is also available in gold and they make lovely presents. Often a gold zirconia pendant is a more fitting gift when you are out to impress and sometimes an extra-special event means an extra-special present! Glistening silver zirconia pendants glisten equally well in gold so check out our gold selection to find that perfect gold zirconia pendant gift.