So restful, so zen – our silver spiritual pendants on which we engrave your name. You wear these spiritual pendants on a necklace. Right now, the long necklaces with these spiritual silver pendants as real eye-catchers are all the rage. The images on the spiritual silver pendants have been carefully selected and they all have a deeper meaning. The spiritual pendants stand for spirituality and the paranormal, they give you something to hold on to, and the silver pendants are very hip and contemporary. We supply the trendy spiritual pendants in silver along with a different spiritual pendant showing a beautiful zirconia gemstone. The zirconia comes in a range of colours. And we engrave your name on each of the spiritual silver pendants. Choose the spiritual pendant that you like best! You can pick from the Eye of Horus, the Hand of Fatima, the Chinese Shou character, the Lotus and the Om or Aum symbol.

The Eye of Horus as a spiritual silver pendant with name

You will find spiritual pendants in silver showing the Eye of Horus engraved with your name in our webshop. Originally, the spiritual Eye of Horus was known as the Eye of Ra. It is an all-seeing eye that symbolises the female sun. The spiritual Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra comes from the mythology of ancient Egypt. There are two stories as to the origins of this spiritual symbol. One story is that Horus, the son of King Osiris of Egypt, lost his eye in a quarrel with his brother about who would succeed to the throne. Because Horus was the legitimate successor, the Gods were on his side and the serpent king Uraeus covered the damaged eye for the rest of his life. According to the other story, the spiritual Eye of Horus is a falcon’s eye. The falcon is an important figure in ancient Egypt. The all-seeing eye is regarded as a protector from evil. The spiritual Eye of Horus, or the Eye of Ra, is the source of many other “eyes” that are now found in the Middle East and Turkey. The parts of the spiritual eye represent smell, sight, thought, hearing, taste and touch. So now you can wear a protective, all-seeing spiritual silver eye with your own name, or the name of your sweetheart, mother, father, daughter or son!

The spiritual Hand of Fatima as a personalised silver pendant

You will find trendy spiritual Hamsa pendants with your name engraved on it in our webshop. With the spiritual Hand of Fatima, sometimes called the Hamsa Hand, you carry good luck in your hand. The spiritual hand, which stands for protection and peace, is extremely popular in the Middle East and northern Africa. In recent years, this spiritual hand-shaped image has become increasingly popular in western Europe as well. Mohammed’s daughter, Fatima Zahra, is symbolised in the Hand of Fatima. Catholics refer to the spiritual Hand of Fatima as the Hand of Mary, and Jews call it the Hand of Miriam. With this spiritual silver pendant you choose to wear the protective, peace-loving symbol in a trendy way and you take good luck into your own hands! And of course we will be happy to personalise your silver spiritual pendant by engraving your own name on it.

The spiritual Shou character as a personalised silver pendant

You will find silver spiritual Shou character pendants with your name engraved on it in our webshop. For centuries the Chinese have used the spiritual Shou character to represent longevity and for life, lifespan and birthdays. The spiritual Shou character is derived from Taoist philosophy. It is one of the most widely known and most famous spiritual Chinese marks of good fortune. The spiritual Shou character symbolises five blessings and expresses the wish for a long, happy, healthy and vigorous life and immortality. If you wish someone these things, then you give her a silver spiritual pendant bearing the Shou character. It is also a very nice silver spiritual pendant to wear yourself. And we will engrave any name of your choice on the spiritual silver pendant. You will receive a unique, personalised and trendy spiritual pendant that is not only very lovely, but also has a deeper meaning.

The lotus flower as a personalised spiritual pendant

We offer spiritual silver lotus flower pendants with your name engraved on it. In China, the spiritual lotus flower symbolises purity, perfection, peace, sweetness of mind, summer, a rich harvest and the feminine aspect in everything. The spiritual lotus flower also symbolises past, present and future, because the lotus bears buds, flowers and fruit at the same time. Last but not least, the lotus is also used as a spiritual image of a well-brought-up wise man. Enough reasons to wear the lotus as a special, beautiful and unique silver spiritual pendant. We have incorporated the spiritual lotus in a trendy silver pendant on which we will engrave your name, or the name of your mother, father, son, daughter or sweetheart.  

Om, or Aum, as a personalised spiritual silver pendant

You will find spiritual Om pendants in silver with your name engraved on it in our webshop. The spiritual sign of Om, or Aum, symbolises eternity, infinity and the universe. It is also seen as the basis of the prayers and mantras of many Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Om, or Aum, is a sacred syllable in Hinduism and Buddhism. The ‘3’ in the sign symbolises creation and the ‘O’ the silence and unity of God. These meaningful spiritual symbols are available in our webshop in the form of trendy silver pendants. And we will engrave the name of your choice on the spiritual pendant so that you can wear a unique, personalised, meaningful and trendy silver pendant. 

Spiritual pendant as gift idea!

Our silver spiritual pendants make excellent presents – or just pamper yourself. Surprise your mother, your daughter or your girlfriend with something very trendy, with an immensely deep meaning, with an oversized spiritual pendant with her name or yours engraved on it! Great for a birthday, Mother’s Day, wedding day, graduation gift or when she passes her driving test, or simply to surprise her! A silver spiritual pendant with name is something everyone will love – a great gift idea!

Spiritual pendants with a zirconia

Our smaller spiritual silver pendants are supplied with a zirconia gemstone. The beautiful zirconia is available in a range of colours.

Matching long necklace

If you don’t have a long necklace, or if you want to make your gift complete, then order a matching necklace to go with the spiritual pendants. The trendy silver necklace, made of lovely fantasy links, is 80 cm long.  
You don’t need to go to a jeweller’s for spiritual pendants of good quality 
We make spiritual silver pendants and other pendants and charms of particularly high grade silver, the kind you also find at a jeweller’s. If you buy your spiritual pendants from us online, it’s just like you made a special trip to the jeweller’s to buy a gift. And it’s so easy, right from your own living room!
Rapid delivery and no shipping charges
Your personalised spiritual pendant is ready and your order leaves our studio within four working days. Depending on the postal service, you will receive your order another 5-8 days later. We do not charge you any shipping costs!
Silver spiritual pendant of superb quality at a low price
We deliver spiritual silver pendants of very good quality, comparable to the quality supplied by jewellers. All our spiritual pendants are beautifully finished and is meant to be shown off! So browse around and order your silver spiritual name pendant today – from us, your specialist in name jewellery!  
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