This two-piece silver name pendant is quite unusual. The two silver pieces are joined by a special eye but can move separately. The name of your choice is repeated on the back silver pendant. The pendant is engraved in a robust but elegant font. The front silver pendant can show a heart, an angel, a butterfly, the universal symbol I Love You or Faith Hope and Love. Because the symbols are cut-outs, they offer a lovely view of the back pendant and the engraved name. The engraved name of the pendant doesn’t have to be your own name: it might be the name of someone dear to you, for example. Or perhaps you have a word that describes you – or him or her. All this is possible in the silver two-piece pendant! The matching necklace can be ordered separately.

Rapid delivery and no shipping charges

Our studio will send your two-piece pendant within four working days.The exact date of delivery depends on the postal service. Usually delivery takes place within 5-8 working days after we have send your order. And when you order from us, you don’t pay any shipping costs!

Superb quality name pendant at a low price

Our jewellery is all very low priced. Every single pendant is beautifully finished and a joy to behold. Browse around and order here your two-piece name pendant today!