SILVER NAME PENDANT ENGRAVED The name of your choice is engraved in graceful script letters on the
silver pendant. The repetitive pattern makes this silver engraved pendant
the trendy variant of the familiar engraved nameplate. As is the case
with all our name pendants, the name shown does not need to be
your own name. Any name you want can be engraved on the silver 
pendant. And you can choose between different models of engraved
pendants: a round engraved name pendant, an oval engraved pendant,
a heart, nonchalantly suspended, or even an engraved silver dog tag. Because these engraved silver pendants do not have an eye, they float,
or dangle freely – the finishing touch to this modern engraved silver
name pendant. This exquisite engraved pendant in silver comes with
a Venetian necklace, also in silver. The necklace has a total
length of 50 cm but can be shortened to 45 cm.
Rapid delivery and no shipping charges
We need only four working days to finish your order and to make your
personalised engraved silver pendan. Your order leaves our studio within these four working days. Depending on the postal service, you will receive your order another 5-8  workingdays later. We do not charge you any shipping costs!

Superb quality engraved pendant at a low price
Our silver engraved jewellery is all very low priced. Every single pendant is beautifully finished and a joy to behold. Browse around and order your engraved silver name pendant today!