Engraved Silver Rings

Looking for an engraved silver ring? Our silver engraved rings can be customised to suit your requirements: a perfect personalised silver ring for your fiancée, friend, or other loved one. Engraved silver rings for any occasion. Choose your own font, size, and message: perfect silver wedding rings.

Letters in the engraved steel rings

We have picked out the most attractive letters for your rings. You can choose from six different fonts, ranging from graceful, decorative letters to simple, clean lines. The format of the font you choose depends on the width of your ring. In the widest ring, 8 mm, the letters are larger than in the narrower models (4 and 6 mm). But even though wider rings are bigger, not as many letters can be engraved on them.


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Perfect Engraved Silver Rings for Weddings

Engraved silver rings are both thoughtful and romantic. If you're looking for a silver wedding ring or silver engagement ring, look no further than one of our engraved silver rings. Unlike many jewellers, our engraved silver rings are available in a range of personalised options: choose your engraving font, size, and message to suit your requirements. If you're planning on tying the knot, commemorate your wedding day forever (and never forget an anniversary) with the date on your engraved silver ring. You could also have your names engraved together. Engraved silver rings will be treasured for their romance.

Engraved Silver Rings for Other Occasions

Perhaps your daughter's graduating this year, or perhaps a niece is turning 18 or 21. Commemorate the milestone with an engraved silver ring specially for the occasion. Choose from 6 different fonts, from a range of ring thicknesses and other customisable options. These affordable engraved silver rings are suitable for both men and women: choose a slim band for more feminine fingers, or a thicker one for a more masculine look. You could give the engraved silver ring to commemorate professional or academic (or even sporting) success, or for a special anniversary or to celebrate the birth of a child. Because these engraved silver rings are designed by you to suit the recipient, they make a great gift for a variety of special occasions. Engraved silver rings suit just about everybody.

Classic and Beautiful Engraved Silver Rings

Engraved silver rings are versatile, sturdy, and beautiful. Less flashy than yellow gold, gleaming silver is subtle and classic. These engraved silver rings can be combined with many others in your collection, either plain bands or jewel-encrusted stunners. An engraved silver ring can be used to remember a romantic holiday or honeymoon: imagine nestled among the other rings on your loved one's fingers an engraved silver ring which reads "Remember Paris". It will be a reminder of times spent together and something to smile over when times are tough, or when your loved one is going about their daily work and chores. These engraved silver rings come in a range of sizes, from a delicate pinky ring to a thick thumb band. So no matter what your loved one's look, an engraved silver ring can be made to suit their personality and appearance.
The History of Giving Rings
Our engraved silver rings are a modern take on a very old phenomenon. It's estimated that people have been giving rings as gifts for around 6,000 years. The Ancient Egyptians gave rings to celebrate the New Year, and Etruscans and Greeks gave rings of gold. It wasn't until the Second World War that the fourth finger of the left hand consistently became known as the "wedding finger", due to a very old belief that the vena amoris or "love vein" runs directly from this finger to the heart. By giving engraved silver rings, you will be participating in a very ancient and special tradition. For something more definitely masculine, move away from engraved silver rings: we also have engraved steel rings in stock. For any special occasion, and for a gift a loved one will treasure forever, engraved silver rings make the perfect gift.