Silver necklace engraved - Individually styled to reflect the wearer’s personality

Each silver necklace engraved with a name will repeat that name again and again to emphasize the wearer's unique identity. You can choose the name and we will then prepare your silver pendant engraved with that name. The pendant will be attached to a matching silver chain. Together these items make a wonderful silver necklace engraved with a name, making it a super gift for someone close to you. Its lasting beauty will always bring a smile to that special person's face.

A personalized engraved necklace to keep as a special memento

The writing engraved on each silver necklace is stylish and legible in an attractive cursive font that is easy on the eye. Just a single glance reminds the wearer how much he or she is valued. A silver necklace engraved with a simple name can mean so much and its value never fades because it will be attached to so many fond memories.

Silver necklace engraved in a variety of shapes and styles

We know how much many people want to stand out from the crowd and so we have designed this collection around fresh and modern shapes to suit all tastes. A pretty heart shaped pendant is one of the most popular types of silver necklace engraved with a name. A heart-shaped hole is cut in the corner, too, so that the necklace hangs at a jaunty angle for maximum effect. This is just the kind of gift that will gladden the heart of a little princess of any age. Circles and ovals are available too in our silver necklace engraved individually for each client. Each pendant will also have a matching shape cut in the corner to hold it in its place.

Silver necklaces engraved with names

This is one gift that boys can own just as much as girls. The flat contours and rounded corners of the dogtag shape bring a more masculine touch to the silver necklace engraved with a name. The simple circular disk is also plain enough. Such a necklace engraved with a name or nickname is both stylish and useful, identifying the wearer at a glance. A silver necklace engraved with a personal name will rarely be parted from its owner.

Careful workmanship in our silver necklace engraved with tekst

We take pride in producing high quality workmanship in our silver necklace engraved with names or other texts. You can see in our illustrations how well-fashioned the different pendants are, and how perfectly balanced they are when attached to their matching silver chain.

Silver necklace engraved for you - but what about the gold?

A silver necklace engraved for a silver wedding is a fantastic gift idea for your husband or wife. We also have the same range in gold - ideal for a golden wedding or for any special birthday. You can have a silver necklace engraved for any occasion at all. The choice of shape and style is up to you!
Select your silver necklace engraved with your chosen name and have it ready in advance
The precious material and compact size of engraved silver necklaces are features which make these items an ideal surprise gift. You could choose your moment during a romantic evening and slip the necklace into your beloved person's hand. Imagine the surprise when a silver necklace engraved with a personal name is revealed. It shows you care about this person above all others and that is the beauty of a silver necklace engraved with a personal name.