A silver personalized monogram necklace is a gift to treasure

Silver is one of the most versatile of the precious metals. In our silver monogram necklace the gentle shine of silver draws attention to the initial letters carved out in the center. People are sure to ask what the letters mean and the wearer will treasure the special significance of her silver monogram necklace and the admiring glances that it brings.

Delicate design with intertwining silver letters

Each of our silver monogram necklaces is composed of individual letters arranged together and held within a circle of silver. The monogram part can be attached to a silver chain through a central fixing at the top, or through two fixings, one at either side. This makes an attractive silver monogram pendant for all occasions. These monogram silver necklaces are both elegant and personal to the wearer, making them an ideal gift for someone who appreciates good design.

Why choose a silver monogram necklace for your loved one?

When you give a silver monogram necklace to your loved one you will want to show that you have chosen the gift with care and that you have thought about the person and the kind of gift that reflects the relationship you share. Our silver monogram necklace range offers you the chance to create a necklace which is made from the letters of your loved one's name. It is a highly personal gift and it shows how much you care about the person who receives it.

Engraved detail for extra messages

We can engrave names, dates or short messages on our silver monogram necklaces. This adds to the significance of each piece, since you can tailor the message to suit the purpose of your gift. Whether the occasion is a birthday, Christmas, or some other special occasion, your silver monogram necklace can record the event in style.

Silver monogram necklace or gold monogram necklace?

We make both silver monogram necklaces and gold monogram necklaces. Both are equally beautiful to wear and this makes it tricky to choose which one is most suitable. If you prefer a cool, understated look then a silver monogram necklace is the best choice for you. On the other hand if you prefer a warm, classic look then you might prefer to have your necklace made in gold.

Make your mark with our sophisticated silver monogram necklace

A silver monogram necklace speaks volumes about the wearer's sophistication and taste. Any silver monogram necklace from our range expresses quality and sophistication in the choice of materials and the clever combination of letters into a striking pendant motif.
Silver monogram necklaces and pendants are easy to order
It is very easy to order your silver monogram necklace. You can select your necklace design, and tell us the letters you require and we will make up a silver monogram necklace especially for you. Everything is explained online and so nothing could be easier than making your choice today. Just imagine how the letters of your loved one's name would look in the form of a silver monogram necklace. As soon as you have an idea of the letters you would like, just contact us. We will be delighted to send you a silver monogram necklace exactly in your chosen form.