SILVER ANIMAL PENDANT – ENGRAVED PENDANT WITH ANIMAL FIGURES An engraved silver animal pendant is perfect for children and adults alike. The silver pendant is rectangular or shaped like a heart. We will put your name on the silver pendant once or several times – it’s up to you. Have a look around – we’ve got silver pendants with many different animals. Our rectangular silver pendant and our heart-shaped silver name pendant comes with a butterfly, a bear’s head or a cat’s head, an elephant, a duck, a bird, a dolphin, a bear, a rabbit, a fish or a paw print. You can have your daughter’s or granddaughter’s name engraved on the silver pendant, for example. A silver pendant makes a great present for new mums, or for your daughter’s or granddaughter’s birthday! And with her name engraved on the silver pendant, you bring a permanent memory in the form of a beautiful and unique piece of silver jewellery.   Who will you give this adorable silver animal pendant with or without a necklace?
Looking for a nice, special present for a new mum? Really want to surprise your daughter or granddaughter? Then give her a rectangular or heart-shaped engraved silver pendant with animal figures that children just love! We will engrave her name on the silver pendant, once or several times, and then you will have a lovely piece of silver jewellery that will give your daughter or granddaughter much pleasure. All our silver pendants have eyelets so that you can easily fasten the pendant to a necklace of your own, but you can also order a matching necklace from us. One thing is certain: a necklace makes the silver pendant as a gift complete! Our lovely silver necklaces come in several lengths, starting from 38-42 cm.     Silver pendants of jeweller’s quality
Each silver pendant on which we engrave a name is made of very high grade silver. You can order a silver pendant and other jewellery from us easily online, and their quality is the same as the jeweller’s. High quality jewellery such as a pendant for adults, you can order from your own living room, from us, your online jewellery shop. Rapid delivery and no shipping charges
We need only four working days to process your engraved silver pendant. Your order leaves our studio within these four working days. The exact date of delivery depends on the postal service.It will arrive another 5-8 days later. And when you order from us, you don’t pay any shipping costs*! Silver pendant of superb quality at a low price
For a very low price, we supply fine quality silver jewellery, comparable to the quality you will find at a jeweller’s. Every single pendant is beautifully finished and a joy to behold. So browse our site and order your engraved silver pendant with the animal figure of your choice today – from us, your specialist in engraved pendant jewellery!

*Except for cash on delivery orders