Silver Engraved Charms

Silver engraved charms are offered in many different forms on the online jewellery shop "Names 4 Ever". This website specialises in personalised necklaces, bracelets and silver engraved charms. These carefully selected items are glamorous yet affordable and the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Different types of silver engraved charms

The name leaf silver engraved charms all have a 14mm circumference and are made of solid sterling silver, which is hypoallergenic and suitable for the most sensitive skin. This silver engraved charm comes in many different designs, including a classic heart, which is perfect for any loved one in your life, and can be engraved with their name or your own. This results in a special present unique to your family member, significant other or childhood friend.

There are other silver engraved charms, including the four-leaf clover design, which can be given to anyone whether they are starting a new job or welcoming a new baby into the family. Another popular version of the silver engraved charms in the name leaf range is the simple circle and name combination.

Charm bracelets to hold the silver charms

We also have personal bracelets to hold your silver engraved charms. All charm bracelets are of the highest quality and are minimalist enough to wear on a daily basis, but are elegant and stylish. Charm bracelets never go out of fashion as they are so versatile, and due to this reason, can easily be worn with any outfit with a handful of silver engraved charms linked on.

The silver bracelet for children measures 16cm and is made of sterling silver. It can hold many fishhook silver engraved charms, which makes it the ideal present for your child. They can then add charms on for years to come. The design of the bracelet means that it can be adjusted to fit every child's wrist. This means that it is a safe gift as it will fit every recipient.

Highest quality of silver engraved charms

The silver engraved charms lines on our baby charms, are made delicate and appropriate. The girl and boy silver engraved charms are popular and feature the simple outline of a girl or boy cut out of the silver, respectively, and feature the baby's name just below the cut-out. All baby names on the 14mm silver engraved charrms are in block capitals, which adds an endearing element of youthful simplicity. One version of these silver engraved charms shows two small hands, which can represent the parents of the child or the baby as he or she grows through life. There are multiple other designs, including silver engraved charms based around the symbol of a pram, a toy rocking horse and two little feet.
Other types of charms
Pets can be some of the most important members of the family and owners often like to stay close to them with silver engraved charms. Whether your companion is a canine, feline or something more exotic, there are several personalised silver engraved charms that you can easily hook onto your bracelet to symbolise your little friend. If you are a cat person, you can acquire one of the 15-17mm circular silver engraved charms with the silhouette of a small feline. The equivalent for dogs has an adorable puppy cut out of the silver. All types of animals can be represented and remembered, including silver engraved charms of an elephant and even a pretty butterfly.

There are other ranges of silver engraved charms. They can all be customised so that you can materialise any name or word and select a symbol to go along with it for a timeless present. Whether you wish to commemorate your child's birthday, wish a co-worker good luck or simply make your significant other feel special, the silver engraved charms are perfect. As they are so versatile, they complement virtually any outfit and can be worn in formal situations due to their discreetness, but are not overly glamorous.