Silver Charms

In our busy world there are certain moments that deserve to be treasured. Silver charms, or gold charms with a personal touch are the perfect way to commemorate those special times that you never want to forget. This timeless format is discreet and personal. With a wide selection of modern shapes, fonts and finishes, both silver and gold charms are popular gifts at Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day and on other memorable occasions all year round.

Baby charms - A child’s welcome to the world

A solid silver charm adorned with a much-loved baby's name provides a lasting memento of his or her arrival into the world. There are designs suitable for both little girls and little boys. There are also different versions of the charms, each with its own classic appeal and innovative design. Parents and grandparents will treasure silver charms engraved with the names of their little ones.

Silver charms for birthdays

Birthdays, too, can be celebrated with carefully chosen silver charms for bracelets and necklaces. Over a lifetime these fascinating objects can build into an attractive and valuable collection. For the wearer these silver charms are a permanent reminder of the circle of love and affection provided by generous family and friends.

Silver charms for a wedding day

For more formal occasions such as religious or romantic celebrations, silver charms for bracelets achieve the perfect balance between high quality and deeper meaning. Silver charms can be inscribed with a beloved person's name, or with a short message to capture the significance of the moment and preserve it for all time. Silver charms for a Silver Wedding and gold charms for a Golden Wedding: the symbolism is perfect and the jewellery will bring great pleasure to the happy couple.

Quircky silver charms

Charms are highly adaptable to many different uses. Boys will treasure a chunky silver chain with charm discs attached. For girls there are pretty designs including hearts, stars, butterflies and many others. Many silver charms are gender neutral which makes them popular as funky accessories for mobile phones, cameras and other hi-tech gadgets.

A range of charming options

Most people find that silver charms are a superb choice for daily use as identifying tags for rucksacks and purses. Silver charms also make good pet tags for your beloved dog or cat. Silver plated versions offer excellent value for money. Solid silver charms can be attached to your own bracelet or necklace, or purchased with a brand new chain in a matching high quality design. Gold charms are the elite version of this versatile jewellery item. Whatever your budget and chosen purpose, you will find a suitable gift in the range of silver charms, silver plated charms and gold charms available.
Silver charms to keep you close
A recent trend in fashionable jewellery has been the exchange of matching charms between family members, partners and friends. These treasured items span the generations and keep relationships alive over long distances of time and space. What better gift could you share with someone close to you than these exquisite and lasting tokens of devotion?