Silver Animal Pendants - Beautiful Quality

Our silver animal pendants are made from sterling silver and come in a variety of styles all of which are guaranteed to impress. What can be more precious than superbly crafted silver animal pendants which have been made exclusively for the individual to wear? Whether you are looking for something to express your love for your favourite pet or want a truly personal gift for your loved one, your child, a parent or perhaps a special friend, you will find we offer a high quality and much-prized addition to any jewellery collection.

Massive Variety of Designs

Our silver animal pendants come in a wide range of designs. If you or your loved one has a special pet we have silver animal pendants for cat and dog lovers available in heart, circular or rectangular styles. Our silver animal pendants can be engraved with one or several names or even with a special name of your choice repeated across the pendant. Coin style silver animal pendants are also very popular and we have many different central designs. Double names can also be engraved if you have a particular friend or loved one and multiple names can commemorate a group such as a club or celebrate a special event.

We sell matching necklaces which are also available to choose on our website plus personalised gold animal pendants for an extra special gift, perhaps for a golden anniversary.

Silver Animal Pendants for a Favourite Pet or Animal

Many people rely on their pet for companionship and friendship and what better gift for a parent or grandparent than one of our silver animal pendants to wear in celebration of their much-loved dog or cat? Children also will love to have their own silver animal pendants to wear to show their fondness for their family pet and could combine their own name with that of their favourite animal. Horse lovers will be thrilled that we have a range with an equestrian theme including riding boots, hats and rosettes. Silver animal pendants with a horse shoe design are also a great choice when wishing someone good luck for all sorts of special events such as a wedding, the birth of a baby or even important exams. Our silver animal pendants are a fabulous way to show your love of nature and our many designs include dolphins, elephants, birds and butterflies and can be engraved with several names or even a club motto.

Easy Ordering and Quick Free Delivery for Your Silver Animal Pendants

Our website makes ordering your personalised silver animal pendants quick and easy. Just choose your design and let us know the name or names you want engraved and we will do the rest. Our Customer Services help line is available if you wish to discuss your order with us or have any special instructions.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order after payment and within 2-3 days your personalised silver animal pendant should be made and ready for despatch from our studios in the Netherlands. You should allow about 8 days from your order date to actual delivery of your silver animal pendant, and remember there is no extra charge to our customers for delivery. Please be aware that certain times of year are much busier than others for both ourselves and the postal services such as the Christmas period and celebrations like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

Your Silver Animal Pendant Arrives!

All our silver animal pendants come in a lovely quality gift box just ideal to present to someone on a special occasion. We can also provide our customers with expert advice on caring for their silver animal pendants to keep them in perfect condition.

You will not be disappointed when your silver animal pendant arrives and whether it is for yourself or intended as a gift we are sure it will be a much prized and very individual piece of jewellery which will be cherished by the wearer for years to come.