Silver animal jewellery

Silver animal jewellery is a lovely fashion accessory. Silver animal jewellery appeals to young people, it goes with absolutely everything and the choice of an animal motif gives it an endearing touch; it implies you love animals and you probably have a pet. Indeed, wearing silver animal jewellery reveals quite a lot about you and when you wear a pretty silver animal necklace your favourite animal is immediately before everyone's eyes, inviting comments and appreciation. We offer an interesting selection of animal shapes and profiles to choose from. Our fine cut-out animal shapes enhance and add a sophisticated touch of delicacy to silver animal jewellery.

Animal jewellery UK

Our silver animal jewellery UK collection means fine high-quality jewellery manufacture. Our production of silver animal jewellery is UK based but is globally available: a grand example of the convenience and practicality of online shopping. Silver animal jewellery is a popular product world-wide; in fact, silver animal jewellery is a lovely item of jewellery suited to all ages, from toddlers to grannies, it is made from shining precious silver which lends itself beautifully to animal motifs and it makes splendid presents.

Solid silver animals

Our solid silver animals are made of high quality solid silver, meaning that each piece of silver animal jewellery is from 925 sterling silver. There is no plating and nothing is hollowed out on the inside of the piece; our solid silver animals are magnificently solid! There are many animal shapes to choose from, or you can go for just identifying parts of animals, like a dog's paw or a bear's head. In our silver animal jewellery range, our solid silver animals feature wild animals like elephants, favourite pets like cats and dogs, and various profiles of horses: running, jumping, dressage, with or without a rider, etc.

Silver animal pendant

Our silver animal jewellery selection includes an interesting range of animal profiles for your silver animal pendant. The silver animal pendant itself can have the shape of an animal, for example a cat silhouette or the form of a bear's head. Silver animal jewellery often takes the form of a family pet with its name engraved on it. It is possible to engrave anything that you like on your silver animal pendant: names, dates or personal phrases. An interesting variant is a silver animal pendant in a basic shape, like round or heart-shaped, and an animal cut-out, for example a dolphin, a horse and rider, a dog's paw, in the middle of the pendant. Large pendants featuring sweet nature scenes, like two bushy-tailed squirrels in a blossoming tree or a pair of big-eyed owls side by side on a branch, are prettily artistic.

Silver animal jewelry

The dictionary defines jewellery merely as 'objects of personal adornment' and gives preference to the alternative spelling which is favoured on the other side of the Atlantic. So be it: silver animal jewelry is equally appealing even with a shorter spelling! Young people appear to prefer this briefer and more logical version of the word and, in fact, silver animal jewelry is very popular amongst the young: it is fun and trendy to have your favourite animal dangling close on a bracelet or on a silver animal necklace. Our nature-inspired silver animal jewellery includes butterflies, dolphins, elephants, birds and many other animals.

Gold animal jewellery (we sell this as well)

Our silver animal jewellery also comes in gold. If you want to add a slight touch of opulence to a gift that you are making, if you need to dazzle the lady of your dreams, if you wish to honour somebody or show your affection or appreciation to the greatest degree, then perhaps gold animal jewellery is more fitting. Whichever precious metal you prefer, gold and silver animal jewellery, engraved with names and dates, is a lovely present, destined to be lovingly cherished as a valued keepsake in the years to come.