Personalised earrings Names4ever

Personalised earrings

At Names4ever we have the widest selection of personalised earrings. Our personalised earrings are ideal to give away as a personal gift or to give yourself something personal. All of our earrings are high quality jewellery that are made to last. This is because we use premium 925 sterling silver to produce all of our silver jewellery.

Name earrings

All of our earrings can be personalised by having the name cut out or engraved in it. These name earrings look very pretty and are popular with fashion bloggers at the moment. Our name earrings represent a city way of living and let others see that everything can be customised for you. For all of our name earrings you can choose your own name or text and we will make sure that the name earrings are produced in the way you want it.

Infinity earrings

Besides the regular name earrings we have infinity earrings that have your name engraved in it. Each infinity earring has a text as “Hope, Faith or Love” cut out in it. On the edges you can then personalise the earring with one or two names or for example with an important date for you. The infinity symbol stands for something that is endless, immortal or timelessness. When you want to make an infinite statement, these earrings are the best choice for you.

Feather earrings

The feather earrings are currently really popular in party places such as Ibiza. We make them even more exclusive as you can personalise the feather earrings with you initial. In this way you will have the most unique feather earrings that are available on the market. Wear them to a nice festival and be sure the receive some nice comments about your personalised earrings.

Initial earrings

Our collection personalised earrings has a lot of initial earrings. This means that you can add your own initials or that of a (boy)friend. The advantage of the initial is that not everybody knows what it stands for. Only you and perhaps the persons around you understand the meaning of these personalised initial earrings. Now how personal is that?

Other types of personalised earrings

Besides the types of personalised earrings above we have a lot of other different types of models as well. This way every girl can match her own style. For example we have flower earrings, bird earrings, long earrings, earrings with a heart, drop earrings and Arabic style earrings. And the good news is that all of them can be personalised with a text, name or initial.

How to wear personalised earrings

The personalised earrings of Names4ever look nice with a low neck shirt or for example a strapless dress. If you do wear a shirt with a higher neck, than make sure that it has the shoulders cut out or that at least one is visible. To emphasize that the earrings are personalised it is recommended to have your hair upswept so that the ears are clearly visible. Finally you can choose to wear a personalised necklace or a thick necklace to complete the look.