We want our customers to enjoy safe shopping. And so we only use payment systems that work with up-to-date and reliable internet technology. We offer the following payment methods: online remittance and credit card.

We understand that the security of information is important when making internet purchases. We ensure that all your personal details (address, client number, order details ...) are encrypted by means of SSL technology. This means your personal details are secure and unauthorised persons cannot gain access to them. You can recognise a secure internet connection as follows:
  • Instead of http:// the internet address in your browser starts with https://...
  • You will see a locked padlock next to the internet address.

Credit card

You can make your payment by credit card such as Mastercard, Maestro, American Express or VISA. This method uses an extremely secure SSL server that encrypts the credit card information.


When you use PayPal for your online payments, you only provide us with the e-mail address you have used at PayPal. Possible sensitive financial information is safely stored in the databases of PayPal. Names4ever receives the payment of PayPal without any financial information of the customer. Each PayPal payment has a payment confirmation e-mail, which secures you against identityfraud.

Bank transfer

Payments with bank transfer are possible as well. This means that the money needs to be transferred to our bank account manually. Your order will only be set into production after the payment has been received. Take into consideration that a bank transfer takes up to 3-5 working days untill the payment has been received by us.

After the order has been completed, you will receive an e-mail with the payment details. If we don't receive the payment within the following 3 weeks, the order will be cancelled automatically.

Online payment

Online payment via internet banking is reliable, simple, fast and safe. How does it work?
Step 1: At the checkout, the payment methods are shown on the screen.
Step 2: Select your online bank. The bank’s internet banking program will open. All the details are already there, so you don’t have to worry about entering order numbers or amounts.
Step 3: Authorise your payment as usual, using the e.dentifier, ASN, Digipas, Acces Key, Easykey, Tan-code or Random Reader. The bank will confirm the payment.
Step 4: Log off the internet banking program and go back to the web shop. Your purchase has been paid for.

Your payment is shown on your bank statement immediately
You can see your payment immediately on your electronic bank statement. It is very convenient to have an overview and to avoid spending more money than you were planning to. We cannot see your name and account number until you have authorised your payment.

Easy to find on your bank statement
An online bank payment is easy to recognise on your bank statement. The second line of the description shows the 16-digit transaction number. Most banks give the name of the payment method in the payment description.

A strange name on your bank statement
When you make an online purchase, you expect to see the name of the web shop on your statement. After all, it is where you made your payment. But a web shop can outsource its payment processing to a Payment Service Provider (PSP). In that case you will see the name of the PSP on the account overview. The PSP transfers the payment to the web shop. There is no difference for you as a customer.
More information
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