The widest choice of Mum Jewellery

Nothing is stronger than the connection with your mum. Emphasize this connection with our Mum Jewellery. In the studio of Names4ever our designers are working around the clock. The show the connection between the mother and the child we have designed some of the best mum jewellery around. All models have a beautiful design and are engraved with the name(s) of your choice. This way you can truly show the connection between the mother and the child. Isn’t it beautiful to walk around with a beautiful silver pendant with the name of your child or children? As a proud mum you just want to show how proud you are off your children. Take a quick look at our website to look at our silver mum jewellery we have in our collection. It is off course really fun to purchase such a pendant, but it is even more fun to receive a mum jewellery as a baby shower gift!

Mother and child

The connection with your mother starts during pregnancy. It is a miracle that a baby can grow in the belly. For example the first time feeling the baby, it can’t be described! How the baby is kicking or turning around. It is the mother who enables the growing of the child, and this is what is making this connection so special. In these months of pregnancy important decisions are made, such as the name of the child, the room is decorated and ideas are created for raising the child. It is a period of nine months where the connection between the mother and child grows by the day.

Mum jewellery, a remarkable gift

Daddies be aware! The largest gift you already have received. But don’t forget to emphasize this happening! Make this moment for ever with our beautiful mum jewellery. Your wife will treasure this precious moment! And grandmothers now as nobody else how beautiful the mother and child feeling is. They can search an ideal birth shower gift on this page. So surprise the mother with a beautiful silver pendant with the name of her son or daughter. This gift for mum will surely be loved by the mum. Don’t wait any longer and order this gift that lasts forever.

Mum Jewellery! And how about the father?

The connection between the mother and the child is a crystal clear story. The connection existed in the past and will be there in the future as well. Often fathers are somewhat forgotten due to the mother and child relation. That is not really honest as the father has put effort and love as well during pregnancy. Luckily we have some silver pendants and charms that are designed to show the connection between the father and the child. So mothers… spoil your husband with such a beautiful pendant. Just tell us the name of your child and we will create the engraved jewellery for you!

I’ve ordered a mum jewellery! Now what?

Thank god you don’t have to wait nine months for this beautiful jewel! Because of our decades of experiences in the jewellery business you can expect a high quality jewellery from us. We are crafting with ultimate precision the mum pendant or charm of your choice. Furthermore we will engrave the name, date or text on the pendant and make sure that it will leave our studio within four working days. Too bad the stork has a lot of work to do, so we will ask the postal service to deliver the beautiful mum jewellery at the address provided by you!