Mother's Day

Jewellery for Mother's Day

Whether you are looking for a gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter or friend, finding the perfect gift for her can be easier than you think. When it comes to gift ideas for women - and moms in particular - take a look on this page full of beautiful jewelry.

Women and jewellery

It is well known that women love jewellery. When this exactly started, is difficult to determine. History shows us that women often wear something around their neck, arms, ears or fingers. And whatever the design may be, women will always be attracted to beautiful jewelery.


We have both pendants for new moms as well as family necklaces where the names of the entire family can be engraved. We also have special mother-daughter pendants that symbolize the special bond between mother and daughter. In addition to these pendants and necklaces, we also have charms that can be attached to a charm bracelet.

Unique and personal

Whatever you are looking for, on this page you will find very special and personal jewellery that is especially made for moms, girlfriends or sisters. Let us enrgrave the jewellery and give your own meaning to your unique pendant, bracelet or necklace! Our high quality jewelry is made of 925 Sterling silver or 14 carat gold. The jewelry is made individually in our own workshop, which guarantees the quality.