Mens Silver Pendants - With Quality Engraved

Our mens silver pendants are made from high quality sterling silver and are more than just an ordinary piece of jewellery. These mens silver pendants are something to treasure and are the ideal gift for the man in your life. Many men will also choose to buy one for themselves as they are a very personal piece of attire and can say so much about the owner. Our mens silver pendants can be engraved with any name making them a very personal item for any wearer.

Our Mens Silver Pendants Come in Many Designs

Our mens silver pendants are varied and attractive and appeal to men of all ages and interests. Choose from a wide range of engaging illustrations to set the tone of your mens silver pendants. The wearer may wish to show a particular aspect of his personality such as strength, kindness or thoughtfulness. Alternatively he may wish to have an illustration connected with something he enjoys such as gardening, wildlife or a hobby such as sailing. Whatever it is, mens silver pendants are a very personal item of jewellery which the man in your life is likely to wear a great deal, and perhaps keep permanently.

Along with your preferred background illustration our mens silver pendants are expertly engraved with the name of your choice, usually that of the wearer. However, any name could be engraved and you may decide to have engraved the name of a loved one or someone who means a great deal to you such as a relative or close friend.

Who Can Wear our Mens Silver Pendants?

Mens silver pendants are very popular with young men but also with the older generation. Younger men may find their mens silver pendants are a way of showing aspects of their personality and nature and may choose to have their partner’s name engraved on their pendant. Men's silver pendants are also a great way of celebrating the birth of a child as any name can be engraved on the pendant. Grandfathers also may find it a lovely way to commemorate the arrival of a grandchild. If the man in your life, whether partner, brother or a grandparent has a special hobby, they would find our mens silver pendants a great way to express themselves and their love of gardening or other activities.

Ordering your Mens Silver Pendant

It’s so easy to order mens silver pendants when you use our website. The range of designs can be viewed on-screen and you can then enter your choice in the box provided. Then just email your information to us with the name to be engraved and leave the rest to our expert team at our studios. If you have any questions you can use the on-line form or easily contact our customer service team who are always happy to discuss any special requirements.

How Long Do Mens Silver Pendants Take to Arrive?

You will not have to wait long after ordering to actually receive your quality sterling silver mens silver pendant. It takes our team around 2-3 days to produce your mens silver pendant to your exact specifications after which it is packed up in a beautiful quality gift box and sent to you by a courier service. You should allow a total of up to 8-9 days from ordering to actual delivery of your mens silver pendant. Please remember that at certain times of year, such as Christmas and Father’s Day, our team will be particularly busy making these mens silver pendants and postal services also may take a little longer.
Mens Silver Pendants - Something to Treasure
You will not be disappointed when your mens silver pendant arrives and whether it is intended for yourself or as a special gift it will be something to treasure forever. Order yours today to make your man feel truly valued.