Memorial jewelry

Memorial jewelry in memory of a loved one

A silent and personal reminder to a loved one. Contained in, for example, a medallion, a necklace for ashes, a fingerprint jewel or a necklace with a photo. The key word for memorial jewelry is personal. Names4ever specializes in personalizing jewelry. For example, we can engrave a piece of jewelry with, for example, a name, date, personal text, fingerprint or even a photo. This way you get a very unique souvenir.

Large collection of silver and gold memorial jewelry

Our memorial jewelry is available in 925 Sterling silver and 14 carat gold. These are the best materials to manufacture a memorial necklace. Valuable, sturdy and beautiful. At Names4ever we have a large collection of keepsake jewelry for both men and women.

You can choose among other things:

  1. Necklaces for ashes
  2. Lockets
  3. Fingerprint jewelry
  4. Photo necklaces
  5. Jewelry with your own text

Ashes into jewellery

Remembrance jewelry has gained popularity in recent years. One of the most famous kind of memorial jewelry is the necklaces for ashes. You can fill this pendant with a small amount of ash. This way you can literally and figuratively carry a deceased loved one with you forever. Such a pendant for ashes is seen as a tangible and personal remembrance to the deceased. Certainly also, because many people often perceive the presence of an urn as distant. The memorial jewelry meets the symbolic and emotional need. The necklaces for ashes, like the pendants for ashes, are beloved keepsake jewelry to remember a loved one. Wearing a pendants with ash gives comfort and is a valuable memory.

Our memorial jewelry for ashes are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can be sure that there is something for you in our collection. By choosing a pendant for ashes it is possible to always have your loved one nearby. Because, this unique pendant has a small cavity in which you do some ash from the deceased loved one. You can also fill the pendant with some soil from the grave where the loved one is buried. Our pendant for ashes have a simple screw closure with which you can easily open and close the pendant.


Our memorial medallions are available in different versions and of excellent quality. For example, you can choose from round, oval and heart-shaped medallions. If you want, we also have matching necklaces for these memorial jewelery in various lengths and with fine or coarse links. All this, to complete your valuable locket. This makes the medallion with ashes or photo a special gem to carry with you at all times.

The lockets are made of 925 Sterling silver or 14 carat gold. The photo is processed on the inside of the medallion. When you open the medallion, you can see the photo. You can also give the locket a finishing touch with, for example, an engraving or birthstone.

Fingerprint jewelry

A more modern form of memorial jewelry is a fingerprint necklace. The fingerprint of a deceased person is then engraved onto the jewel. Each person has a unique fingerprint which makes the necklace very special.

You can carry your fingerprint necklace anywhere and anytime, giving you a unique piece of love forever. At Names4ever we have different fingerprint pendants, and you can, for example, also engrave a name and date next to the fingerprint.

Photo jewelry

Photo necklaces are very impressive memorial jewelry. Just because of the fact that you can carry a picture of someone with you forever that can never fade. So you will never forget the details of someone's face and that person will always remain clear in your memory.

At Names4ever you can choose from different photo pendants and charms in 925 Sterling silver and 14 carat gold. We darken the engraving of our photo necklaces with a special technique, so that you can clearly see the photo whenever you want.

Jewelry with your own text

Another beautiful and meaningful memorial jewel is a jewel with its own text. For example, you can have a pendant engraved with a word or piece of text that means a lot to you and is a memory for you to a deceased loved one.

For example, do you have a word or small piece of text written by a deceased loved one? Or do you have a word or piece of text that reminds you of that person? Then have this engraved on one of our memorial jewelry with own text. Such a memorial necklace has a high emotional value and is very precious for you and your family.

Matching necklaces for memorial jewelry

By default we sell the memorial jewelry exclusively matching necklaces. But, would you like a necklace along with your locket for ashes, medallion or photo pendant? Take a look in our online shop windows. We sell silver and golden necklaces that fit perfectly with the various memorial jewelry.

You have the choice between all sorts of lengths as well as fine and coarse links. Along with each pendant you can choose a matching necklace. In this way you create a special and personal memory of your loved one in no time.

Memorial jewelry of the highest quality

You want high quality when looking for memorial jewelry. That's self-evident. Whether as pendants, medallions or other keepsake jewelry. As an online jeweler, we understand that. We therefore only sell memorial jewelry made from 925 Sterling silver and 14 carat gold. So you are looking for golden or silver medallions, necklaces for ashes, or photo pendants of high quality? Then you do not have to go to the regular jeweler anymore. Instead, view and order the memorial jewelry from your own house.