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Silver lockets

A silver locket as special memorial jewelry

There are many special memorial jewelry for sale, including a silver medallion. The medallion is available in various designs and shapes and made from 925 Sterling silver. The silver medallion is a popular jewel that is often worn by relatives of a deceased person.

The medallion is worn on a silver chain and has room for two photos inside. This creates a beautiful piece of jewerly with a special charge. You will carry and cherish the silver medallion with love and it will remind you of the deceased loved one.


The silver medallions are available in various shapes and designs. For example, as an oval, round or heart model. But medallions with a beautiful cameo are also available. The silver medallion necklace is a personal jewel that has great emotional value. It is therefore important that it fits your personality.

View our complete collection now and order the silver photo medallion that suits you. Each locket necklace is beautiful and unique. They are jewelry that you will wear with love.

Next to these lockets, we also have pendants for ashes in which you can put a little bit of ashes of the deceased loved one. Or maybe you have a beautiful picture that reminds you of a special person? Then you should take a look at our photo pendants. Or do you want to have a fingerprint necklace? Or a piece of jewerly with your own text? Just take a look at our memorial jewerly and pick your favorit.

A silver medallion as a special gift for survivors

A silver medallion is not only a valuable gift for yourself, but also for the survivors of a deceased person. The wearer will receive support and hold due the silver pendant; something that is pleasant in the difficult time that comes after the loss of the loved one.

The silver locket forms a precious and tangible reminder of the deceased. It can help with the grieving process and the processing of the loss. Children can also have a lot of support for this silver medallion. Because of this they too will wear this jewelry with love.

Prefer a pendant for ashes? Just take a look at this page.

A silver medallion for every style and budget

In the webshop you will find our collection of silver memorial jewelry, including silver lockets. A silver medallion is available for every budget. Choose from the different models for women, men and children. We also have engraved lockets.

You do not want that people immediately see that you are wearing memorial jewerly? Even then you are at the right address here. In the webshop you will find several pendants that are already beautiful by themselves, so they aren't recognized as memorial jewelry. You can also order these pendants online.

Order your silver locket online: safe and simple

For every person and for every budget you will find the perfect silver medallion here. Regardless of your budget, taste and wishes, you will always find a piece of jewelry that suits you. Via Names4ever you can easily place your order online. You will receive the medallion within 8-10 working days , naturally delivered in a nice jewelry box .