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With a locket you have a tangible memory to a deceased loved one

Are you looking for an original locket necklace in memory of a loved one? Then you are at the right place here at Names4ever. Because, online we are the specialist in medallions. These medallions are available in different features and of excellent quality.

Do you also want a necklace to finish the jewelry? As an online jeweler, we also sell necklaces as part of the lockets.

Do you want to know more? Visit our shop with silver and golden lockets without obligation. Look, compare and find in the range of memorial jewelry that one beautiful locket to give shape to your unforgettable memory.

Lockets of good quality

The lockets in our webshop are of very high quality. That means that the silver lockets and golden lockets are not inferior to the lockets that you buy offline. The entire medallions are made by professional silver- and goldsmiths. So both the design and finishing touch are of sublime quality. We only use top quality precious metals for making the lockets. So all our medallions are made of 925 Sterling silver and 14 carat gold.

Locket necklaces are a personal keepsake

A locket has a lot of possibilities. Which locket suits you, depends, among other things, on your taste, style, wishes and budget. For every person there is a suitable locket. This way you wear a unique and valuable piece of jewelry with which you can nurture the deceased person.

Every locket necklace is carefully selected by us and of excellent quality. By incorporating a picture of the deceased person in the medallion, a unique memorable piece of jewelry is created that you will wear with love.

Lockets for women and men

Medallions are suitable for everyone, both for ladies and gentlemen. Our broad collection of lockets is the proof of this. In our online showroom you will find all kinds of golden and silver locket necklaces. For example, we have round, oval and heart-shaped lockets. Do you want to wear the medallion daily around your neck? We also sell necklaces. This completes the locket entirely.

Next to these medaillons we also sell pendants for ashes. This pendant can be filled with a little bit of ashes of the deceased loved one. With this, you also have a very special memorial jewerly.

Memorial jewelry date from 16th century

Medallions are memorial jewelry. These memorial necklaces have been a symbol of memory for several centuries. Because, as early as the 16th century, the first memorial jewerly pop up. At the time, it was mostly golden and silver memorial rings that were distributed to the family. The name, age and date of death of the deceased were engraved in these memorial jewels.

In addition to the silver and golden memorial necklaces, extravagant jewelry, with for example diamonds made their entrance. Nowadays, memorial jewelry is reintroduced, including ashes into jewellery and lockets. Furthermore we have photo pendants and fingerprint jewellery. Everything to create a beautiful memory.

Locket as memorial jewerly is a trend

Memorial jewelry is a trend. People like to have a small and tangible locket next to the urn. A photo can be placed on the inside, which makes it a very attractive and meaningful piece of memorial jewerly.

So would you like to remind your loved one permanently? Then choose a beautiful medallion which you can personalize with a photo and engraving. At Names4ever you are really at the right place for such an original memorial necklace.

Order your locket online

Names4ever is the web address for shaping and beautifully finishing a locket. Each locket is available in a heart, round or oval shape. For example, our online collection offers everyone - men and women - a suitable memorial jewelry.

Would you like to get to know our collection? Take a look around and find your favorite locket necklace. Within 8-10 working days you will receive your golden or silver medallion. In addition, the medallion is delivered in a nice jewelry box.