Golden oval zodiac pendants

Looking for a golden necklace with a zodiac sign on it? Don’t look further. Here we have beautiful golden zodiac sign pendants of high quality. Take a look and read more on this page.

Sorts of golden oval zodiac pendants

On this page we have every zodiac sign represented on a golden oval pendant. Every pendant is made of high quality 14 carat gold with a thickness of 0,4 mm. The pendant are 22,2 mm high and 18,7 mm broad. On the pendant is one zodiac sign in three different ways engraved. Next to this engraving, there is space for your own personal engraving of 40 characters. This could be a name, a date or even a short text with a personal message.

Once you have chosen your pendant, you can choose a matching golden necklace. We have shorter necklaces especially for children and we have longer necklaces for adults. You can choose a ball chain necklace, a gourmet necklace, a jasseron necklace and a venetian necklace.

Because we make every pendant in our own workshop, we are open for new ideas concerning design and lay-out. Just contact our customer service and tell us your ideas.

These are the golden oval zodiac sign pendants:

  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Aries
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Gemini
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Cancer
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Leo
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Virgo
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Libra
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Scorpion
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Ophiuchus
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Capricorn
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Aquarius
  • Golden pendant with Zodiac sign Pisces
  • Looking for another shape such as a round or rectangular pendant? Or do you want a zodiac sign charm to attach to a bracelet? And in case you are looking for a Chinese zodiac sign, you will find something beautiful at Names4ever.

    Golden pendant with zodiac sign

    When wearing a golden pendant with a zodiac sign on it, you are proud to have this zodiac. Every zodiac has its own singularities and oddness’s. For example, someone with the zodiac sign Cancer are very creative and have a big empathy. He or she is very goal-oriented, smart and philosophical. At the other side, a cancer can be a little bit cranky, grumpy and messy. But just like the Cancer, every other zodiac sign has its positive and somewhat negative characteristics. And that is exactly what makes you unique. So a pendant like this is a great gift to someone special.

    Zodiac sign pendant with your own name

    You can personalize the pendant with your own engraving. With up to 40 characters there is room for every name, date or even short text. So get creative and think about what you would like to engrave on your golden pendant with zodiac sign. Lots of people are interested in their zodiac sign, so it is a perfect gift that will certainly be appreciated. Surprise your mother, brother, father, friend or partner with a golden zodiac pendant.

    Besides these zodiac pendants, we also have other personalized jewelry. In our name necklaces you can engrave every name you want. We also have family necklaces in which room is for your whole family! Are you a mommy and looking for a cute mother-and-child-necklace? Take a look at this page . Whatever it may be, Names4ever is specialist in personalized jewelry, so every necklace, every bracelet, every earring can be personalized with a name, a date or even a photo or fingerprint.

    Highest quality 14 carat gold

    All our jewelry is made of the highest quality 14 carat gold, so the oval zodiac pendants will stay beautiful for a very long time. At Names4ever we attach great importance to quality and a long lifetime. Our pendants are beautifully finished off and can certainly be shown. So take a look and order your golden zodiac pendant right away!