Gold Zodiac Charms for you!

Names4Ever offers a selection of gold zodiac charms for your modular bracelet or necklace. First, select one of the twelve elegantly designed gold zodiac charms, then choose text to personalize your charm. Add your name or the name of a loved one to your gold zodiac charms. Each personalization is lovingly engraved to make your gold zodiac charms truly unique and special.

Why get Gold Zodiac Charms?

The zodiac calendar dates back to early Babylon where astronomers devised a system of dividing the sky into twelve sections, each with it's own symbol and month from the Babylonian calendar. Through time, other cultures have adopted their own versions of the zodiac, but the most popular is still the zodiac created in Babylon. Wear a piece of history and display your sign with gold zodiac charms from names4ever.

What Gold Zodiac Charms is for you?

Each symbol on names4ever gold zodiac charms corresponds with a range of dates. Don't know your sign? What to know what your sign means? Read on!

Aries (the ram):

Born March 21 to April 20. If you wear a gold zodiac charms of Aries means you are likely an independent, generous and enthusiastic person. Natural and confident leaders, Aries make caring friends and exciting romantic partners.

Taurus (the bull):

Born April 21 to May 21. Wearing gold zodiac charms with the depiction of Taurus could mean you are a dependable, loyal, patient and generous person. Expertly supportive and gaining the trust of few, close friends Taurus are extremely sensitive romantic partners.

Gemini (the twins):

Born May 22 to June 21. Being a Gemini means you tend to be energetic, clever, imaginative and adaptable. Overflowing with energy and fiercely independent, it will take a lot to keep up with a Gemini on a date!

Cancer (the crab):

Born June 22 to July 22. Choosing gold zodiac charms for the month of cancer could mean you are loyal, dependable, adaptable and caring. Mysterious and secretive in personality, sensual and physical in a romantic setting.

Leo (the lion):

Born July 23 to August 21. Leo's are confident, ambitious, generous and loyal. Highly esteemed by their friends and very devoted to their self interests, a Leo will fall easily into and out of love so beware!

Virgo (the virgin):

Born August 22 to September 23. Observant, helpful, reliable and precise are the catch phrases of a Virgo. Wearing gold zodiac charms with the impression of Virgo speaks of your independence and intelligence. In love, Virgos look to be stimulated intellectually.

Libra (the scales):

Born September 24 to October 23. Picking gold zodiac charms of Libra could mean you are diplomatic, graceful, peaceful and idealistic. Empathetic and fair, romance with a Libra will never be one sided.

Scorpio (the scorpion):

Born October 24 to November 22. Being a Scorpio means you might be loyal, passionate, resourceful and observant. Demanding and intense, never try to lie to a Scorpio since they will find the truth!

Sagittarius (the archer):

Born November 23 to December 22. Selecting gold zodiac charms of Sagittarius means you are radically independent above all else. Entertaining and fearless, dating a Sagittarius can be a daunting experience.

Capricorn (the goat):

Born December 23 to January 20. Choosing gold zodiac charms depicting the symbol of Capricorn could mean you are responsible, patient, ambitious and resourceful. Defined by ambition and patience, Capricorns will pursue whatever they want relentlessly whether in life or in love.

Aquarius (the water bearer):

Born January 21 - February 19. The Aquarius sign on gold zodiac charms represents a witty, clever, inventive and original person. Ever the humanitarian, an Aquarius is full of imagination and intellect, visionaries with cause to fight for.

Pisces (the fish):

Born February 20- March 20. Wearing gold zodiac charms with the sign of Pisces says you are compassionate, adaptable, accepting and imaginative. Likely spiritual and mysterious, dating a Pisces requires a meeting of the souls.

Whatever your sign, gold zodiac charms are stylish and personalized for you!