Gold Necklace Engraved

A gold necklace engraved with a loved one's name is the most romantic piece of jewellery ever. Apart from an engagement ring, a gold necklace is engraved with names, important dates or a meaningful phrase is the most endearing romantic declaration. A lovely gold necklace engraved with a name always has impact; it is not only an accomplice to romance, it is also appreciated between friends and amongst family members.

Gold necklaces engraved for different occasions

What better way to commemorate special occasions, remember particular events or persons in the years to come, or just have the name of a loved one always close, than a gold necklace engraved with that very special name? Our gold necklaces engraved with names or phrases are mostly for sweethearts who want to keep a dear name near at all times, but also for families; gold necklaces engraved with family names are treasured when family members are far away. Gold necklaces engraved with names or personal phrases make perfect presents for special occasions. A gift of a gold necklace engraved with the name of the receiver indicates that the giver has put a lot of thought into the conception of the gift and has spent time and money to give a present that is unique and fitting for the occasion. Gold necklaces engraved with names and dates make excellent presents for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and all those celebratory moments that are always lovingly remembered. Personalised engraved necklaces from Names4Ever Our personalised gold necklaces engraved and embellished with the names and phrases that you choose are inevitably unique. Personalised engraved necklaces are prepared and engraved following your instructions and the end result is an inimitable and distinctive gold necklace engraved solely for you; it is your personal exclusive objet d'art. Personalised engraved necklaces are rendered even more distinct because you can also choose the shape of the pendant, the type of engraving and the presence or not of cut-out figures on the necklace pendant. We have a wide range of shapes to choose from, including round, heart-shaped or animal shapes like a bird or a bear's head, and an even larger selection of cut-out shapes for your pendant: hearts, animals, stars, footprints, handprints and many more besides.

Engraved gold necklaces

Gold jewellery was worn by the ancient Egyptian and Sumer civilisations from about 3000 BCE. The first gold chains and chain type necklaces were produced in the city of Ur in 2500 BCE. Around 1800 BCE the Minoan civilisation on Crete extended the range of jewellery to include pendants and similar items and they also developed further techniques in the creation of jewellery, including engraving. Gold, necklaces, pendants, engraving: these ancient arts and crafts have produced precious jewellery over the ages and we are continuing the tradition. As you see, our art, our speciality of engraved gold necklaces, has a very long history. Something very similar to one of our gold necklaces with engraved figures on it could have been worn by a Minoan lady over three thousand years ago!

Choose A Gold pendant engraved

Gold necklaces with engraved motifs have been worn throughout history. In the V&A you can see a beautiful intricate necklace with eight pretty, delicate pendants linked together and featuring beautifully worked butterflies on each pendant. Our gold necklaces engraved with butterflies, or with butterfly cut-outs, are not quite that elaborate; however, the inspiration is the same. A finely worked gold necklace engraved with the more delicate elements of nature, like butterflies, together with an engraved name, is a lovely, graceful piece of jewellery. You can proudly parade your finery like grand ladies of the past when you wear our gold pendants or gold necklaces engraved in this elegant manner.
Silver necklace engraved (also possible)
If you feel that gold is not the right element for the gift you want to make, silver is a good alternative. Our range of pendant shapes, cut-out profiles and engraving services also extends to silver necklaces engraved with your choice of names or phrases. Silver and gold necklaces engraved with names deliver the same impact when the gift is opened - it is the wording of the engraving that is examined first, usually with exclamations of delight and appreciation.