Gold name bracelet

It is the eye-catcher among the personalized bracelets: a gold name bracelet. At Names4ever you will find this fashion favourite made of the best quality. Our gold name bracelets are all made of real 14 carat gold. Therefore the bracelet is of high quality, thus a bracelet for a lifetime. And that is why you should choose a high quality and personal golden name bracelet that upgrades every outfit!

Gold name bracelet in various designs

What does the gold bracelet with name mean to you? Do you carry your own name or do you always carry the name of your partner or maybe your child with you? If the second case applies to you, then you might like an additional symbol beside the name. How about a golden name bracelet with feet or a birthstone?

Of course, you can also choose from classic shapes. The bracelets with your name form emphasizes your name particularly well. The bar name bracelets, on the other hand, have a name engraving and appear with a minimalistic look on the wrist.

In short, our large collection of gold name bracelets includes, among others:

  • Golden bracelets with name and baby feet
  • Golden bracelets with circles and baby feet
  • Golden bracelets with the shape of the name
  • Golden bar bracelets with name
  • Aren’t you the type for gold? Next to these gold name bracelets, we also have silver name bracelets.

    A gold bracelet with name as a gift idea

    A personalized golden bracelet is always a beautiful proof of love! That is because a personalized gold bracelet reveals all the more to your dearest person how much he or she means to you. And as soon as the person wears the golden name bracelet, it will be shown to the whole world too!

    Practical: the bracelet is delivered with every order in a beautiful gift box. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for giving as a gift directly without further effort!

    Yo do not necessarily want a golden name bracelet, but prefer an initial bracelet in gold, for example? Then take a look at our initial bracelets.

    How to order a gold name bracelet

    The 14 carat gold bracelets are available in 3 lengths: 16 cm for children, 18 cm for teenagers and 21 cm for adults. Since the bracelets have open links, they are adjustable in length.

    For personalization, you can enter your name in the field provided. Of course, you don't necessarily have to enter your name. If you have another desired text, this can be entered just as well. If you do not want a name, a character or a text as engraving, you can also specify this in the remark. After you have entered the text and length of the gold name bracelet, you can add your personalized golden bracelet to the shopping cart. Afterwards you can choose between different payment methods.

    The order is completed with the payment. Once we have received your payment, we can produce the personalized bracelet according to your wishes. You will receive your piece of jewellery approximately 8-10 working days after your order. During this time your gold name bracelet will be made and shipped.